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Bethlehem Jerk Steals $3,200 From His Grandma (Facebook Profile)

You can steal your sister’s clothes. You can steal your brother’s girlie magazines. You can steal your dad’s beer. But, you cannot steal from your grandmother. That’s just bullshit.

He (Andrew Robert Bilheimer) (Facebook Profilealso faces charges for allegedly stealing from his grandmother’s bank account in Bethlehem.

Jeanne Bilheimer told police someone had been making withdrawals from her Bank of America account without her permission.

Bank records showed her bank card was used from June 22 through July 8 and a total of $3,200 was taken.

When police reviewed surveillance video at the convenience store where the card was used, Jeanne Bilheimer identified the man using her card as Andrew Bilheimer, her grandson, police said. She told police she did not give him permission to make the withdrawals. SOURCE: The Morning Call

Poor grandma. I bet she’s at home right now knitting this asshole a sweater. Makes me sad.

In other news, have I ever told you how much I adore quilts? Cause I do. Pennsylvania Dutchie type quilts. They are just so comfy.