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TC Salon and Spa Closes : Come as You are … But No One’s Here

Update 3: Turns out the owner, Frank Shipman is working at B Young Salon at 2325 Walbert Avenue, Allentown, PA. Give them a call to see if he wants to help you out with your gift cards. What a jerk. (610) 821-4020

Update 2: Turns out Eskandalo! will honor any TC Salon Gift Cards for $100 and under… 

UPDATE: Looks like a lot of people had unredeemed gift certificates to TC Salon Spa and weren’t given any notice the place was going under. Ooooh bad form. Is there any recourse to this or do they get away with that? Go here to see some of the complaints.

No, I’ve never been to TC Salon and Spa, but I loved that guy’s commercials where he was like “Come as you are, leave as you want to be” in his super growly gay voice whilst his face was covered in some sort of … colored clay and he was surrounded by kinda ok looking women in a tuft of smoke like they were on the edge of a dry ice pool.

Yep, as far as local commercials go, that was the shiznit. I’m sad I can’t find it on youtube.

In any event, the last remaining TC Salon and Spa location is closing because of some crap, but mostly because no one wants to go to Allentown to have their hair dids and everything is too expensive anymore.

TC Salon and Spa will close in Allentown at the end of the day Monday amid mounting losses the owner says he suffered after he was forced to shut down a water-damaged spa in downtown Bethlehem late last year.

The closure of the West End salon and spa comes roughly a year after the multi-million dollar facility opened at the former Shanty Restaurant, a project funded in-part with public dollars and lauded by public officials.

Owner Frank Shipman said he’s closing the Allentown spa due in-part to the lackluster economy, but mostly because he was forced to close his W. Walnut Street location in Bethlehem. The facility sustained heavy water damage last year from the adjacent parking deck, which is owned by the Bethlehem Parking Authority, he said.

Acting Bethlehem parking director Robert Curzi said the incident is under investigation but he declined to comment further.

TC Salon’s Bethlehem location closed in December and its staff moved to its Allentown spa.

TC Salon and Spa moved its South Whitehall Township location to the former Shanty building at 617 N. 19th St. in late May 2010 with the help of a $250,000 state grant and a $907,000 Small Business Administration loan administered by the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp.

Shipman paid $1.075 million for the building and invested more than $2 million in renovations, including a crystal chandelier from Hess’s Allentown department store, large spa rooms and an art gallery.

The Shanty opened in 1980 and closed in September 2006. SOURCE

Perhaps purchasing an elaborate crystal chandelier in the middle of a recession wasn’t the best business decision in the last quarter century, but whatevs. 

I’m sure this guy made enough money that he can go do something else with his time, like…. start a reality show about how to dress straight men.

Oh, crap, some other Allentown gay dude already did that. 

So long TC Salon and Spa, we barely knew ye.