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Bangor Man Bites Girlfriend’s Ear, Breaks Her Nose

Ah, nothing like ending the summer with a good domestic violence case.

I understand that people get mad at each other, especially when they live in close proximity.

But, don’t you just designate “cool off” areas. If you’re mad just head out there. Or… I dunno, go paint a picture or something.

Not sure what gets it to the point where you’re BREAKING the nose of the person you “love.”

A man battered and bit his girlfriend when an argument turned physical, officials said. Erick H. Hockin (FACEBOOK PROFILE) hit his girlfriend in the face several times, grabbed her arms and bit her ear in his home in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Bangor, Northampton Co., around 1 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

The woman had a swollen left eye and ear, as well as cuts and bruises on her arms and hands when she arrived at police headquarters to report the assault, officials said, adding that she was treated for a fractured cheek bone and nose after being taken to the hospital. SOURCE:



He should be very proud.