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Kid Allergic to Axe Doesn’t Last a Week at School

The poor kid who is allergic to Axe Body Spray (and really wants to go to school) didn’t last more than a few days before he had a severe allergic reaction.

What sucks is, there really isn’t any way to make sure that this kid won’t have any issues. Even if you ban Axe, do you really think every kid is going to never use it?

It’s like banning way too much cologne at a strip club. It’s like banning second helpings at a buffet. It’s like banning being Asian at the Sands. It’s like banning smoking cigarettes at an ironic hipster barbecue.

Wednesday morning, Brandon didn’t even make it into the building before a busload of students pulled up. At least one of them was wearing Axe and Brandon immediately caught a whiff of it, his mother said.

Rashes were already spreading on his arms when LaPorta called the nurse, who arrived quickly, Silk said. By then Brandon was going into anaphylactic shock so an EpiPen shot was administered. SOURCE: The Express-Times

So, what can he do? Sure, the district could ban perfumes and body sprays, I guess. But, there is just no real way to enforce that. Any kid could easily say that he just smells good because his deodorant is really pungent. And, that risk is just too much to take. You can’t go to school every day and cross your fingers hoping that every kid you’re going to pass in the hallway that day remembered to not put any Axe on.


Options are homeschooling or cyber schooling, which this student doesn’t want to do. However, in the interest of ┬áhis health, it’s probably the best decision. Just do really well in your studies and hope that you don’t develop an allergy to Natty Light by the time you make it to college.

Wait, don’t they use Axe Body Spray in college?