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Nude Bangor Teacher Aide Gone. PICTURE?

Remember the Bangor School District Teacher Aide who had naked photos of herself on her cell phone and then the whole school got them? Yeah, well it was fucking only yesterday so catch up.

Well, I’ve still had some trouble getting a picture, HOWEVER, there is a description of the naked photo that has been released to the public.

A copy of the photo, obtained by The Express-Times, shows a blond, young woman sitting on a zebra-patterned couch. She is naked with her legs crossed, her right arm at her side and her left arm holding up a camera, exposing her breasts. Her image appears to be reflected off a mirror and no one else is in the picture. Source

Ok, ok, enough of that. You’re at work, put your pants on. Until I get the fucking name of this girl or the picture in question, you’re just going to have to rely on the skills of a police sketch artist I know who has been told he is the most realistic sketch artist ever. Enjoy

so good…