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Easton Woman who Killed Lesbian Lover Devon Guzman in 2000 Denied Teenaged Appeal

Why can’t you buy just ONE channel from your cable company? All I want is the ID Discovery Channel. But, according to RCN, if I want that channel, I have to upgrade to their stupid-idiot-buy-a-lot-of-channels-you-won’t-watch-I’m-looking-at-you-Oprah-Channel package.

I don’t want the whole package! I just want ID Discovery. It’s the best channel ever invented! It has some seriously awesome shows that I can only watch on Netflix because RCN’s basic cable only gives you TruTV and Lifetime.

I bring this all up because I watched an episode of the ID Discovery TV show “Wicked Attractions” on Netflix about the 2000 murder of Devon Guzman, of Easton, by her lesbian lover and her husband. The show was insanely well done and, well, you’re going to have to take it upon yourself to read about the whole love triangle story that resulted in this senseless murder, but it’s fascinating.

Michelle Hetzel may have been a teenager when she killed her lover in 2000 in Easton, but she was no child, according to a Northampton County Court ruling this week.

Judge Edward Smith said he plans to dismiss a new appeal by Hetzel, who argued that she falls under a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that it is cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a juvenile to a mandatory term of life in prison without parole for murder.

Hetzel was 18 — an adult under the law — when she and her husband lured 19-year-old Devon Guzman ofForks Township to their south Easton home and slashed her throat. Hetzel and her now ex-husband, Brandon Bloss, were convicted of first-degree murder at trial and are serving life sentences.

In a written opinion Tuesday, Smith noted that the high-court decision applies only to those who are 17 years of age and younger. Hetzel had claimed it should encompass “all teenagers including those who were 18 and 19.”

"My question to the court is cannot a teenager one day change? Can one not one day be rehabilitated?" Hetzel said in a legal filing she submitted without an attorney. "Is a 17 year old teenager redeemable and not one of 18 or 19?" SOURCE: The Morning Call

Ahh, the ole “The law says teenagers who were 17-years-old or younger, but, I’m just going to harp on the teenager” appeal.


They planned this out and, that being the case, she deserves to stay in prison for her sentence. If it was an accident or there were some other factors that played into it, then maybe there should be a review, however, at 18-years-old, she decided to kill this girl and, that’s that. 

It must suck to be in prison hoping you can get out all the time. Just accept it. Take up knitting. Write a book or something.