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Gun Found in Easton’s Northampton County Prison


So, hmm. If I wanted to go somewhere where criminals had the least access to firearms I would choose 1. prison and 2… prison.

Unless, of course, this prison is in Easton where, apparently, guns kinda just hang out in the intake unit. You know, for fun.

Northampton County Prison is on lockdown as officials investigate how a gun was brought into the prison’s intake area Wednesday morning, according to prison officials.

The handgun and loaded magazine were discovered by a corrections officer, said prison Director Robert Meyers. When the weapon and ammunition were discovered, the prison was put on lockdown – which means no visitors are allowed – to thoroughly search all areas of the prison, Meyers said.

"It’s under investigation and we don’t have any position as to who the weapon belongs to," Meyers said. "I am proud and thankful of the keen observations of the officer so the weapon did not fall into the wrong hands."

First Deputy District Attorney Terence Houck confirmed the weapon was found, but declined to comment further on the investigation.

He said officials with the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and state police are helping trace the gun’s owner.

Meyers said the weapon does not appear to belong to a police officer and noted it was not hidden and was “somewhat” visible.

The intake area is the first place where new inmates are brought – accompanied by police officers – before being placed in the prison, Meyers said. No inmates are housed in the intake area, he said.

Meyers would not comment on whether the intake area has video surveillance, but noted the entire correctional facility is monitored by cameras.

He said the prison will remain on lockdown until the entire prison has been searched. Source

Is it just me or would you not be surprised if a huge flock of birds died while flying over Easton? End of days? Hopefully.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH. HOW does this even come close to happening?

Remind me not to get arrested in Northampton County. I like living.