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Bethlehem’s Sun Inn To Be Featured on ‘Ghost Chicks’ TV Show. BOObies!

Last year, I forked over $35 to spend a few hours in the Sun Inn after dark using some ghost hunting equipment. The event, which is going on again this year, is the result of all those stupid shows on A&E and other cable channels where people go “Did you see that?” and “Did you feel that?” for an hour.

Was it awesome? Sure. Was it worth the money? I think so. Would I do it again? Probably. Did I see any ghosts? No, but, honestly, the fact that I COULD have seen a ghost brought me back to being a kid again.

Kinda like vodka does.

Anyhoo, some weird freaking women apparently did the same thing this year and are putting it on TV. Yeah, they are the Ghost Chicks and they give you ghost hunting from a female perspective.

Like, PMSing ghosts? Ghosts that are really pissed off at their boyfriends? Ghosts with shopping problems? Ghosts that ask “Does this sheet make my ass look fat?”

I don’t get it.

The pilot episode of “Ghost Chicks,” a reality TV show about a team of female paranormal investigators, will air 8:30 p.m. Thursday and 9 p.m. Sunday on Service Electric 2, according to the Sun Inn Preservation Association.

The episode features an investigation filmed at the 1758 Sun Inn in Bethlehem.

Described as “Ghost Hunters” meets “The View”, the show will feature  the team of investigators, known as the “Ghost Chicks,” who are based in Red Hill, NJ  as they investigate homes and businesses that are reported to be haunted. Psychic medium Amber Anderson (FACEBOOK PROFILE) leads the cast with to offer resolutions to families and business owners in either co-existing with the departed or helping them move on.

Ghost Hunters meets The View???? What the HELL does that even MEAN? Well, Whoopi Goldberg was in Ghost. Hmmm. If ghosts are that annoying though, you can count me out.

Other team members are Christine Danzo-Matthews (FACEBOOK PROFILE), who has been a paranormal investigator for 12 years; Stephanie Albanese (FACEBOOK PROFILE), video technology, and Mary Foley (FACEBOOK PROFILE), photo and audio technology.  After each investigation the cast will discuss the highlights of each case in a round table panel.

The team felt the Sun Inn with its history would be an ideal place to explore. 

“They picked up a number of voices on their digital recorders as well as “orbs” flying out of the Martha Washington Suite”, said John Howard, Sun Inn Preservation Association President. Source

Ghost Chicks? Realllllly?

Why do women feel the need to marginalize themselves so people pay attention to them, but then they complain when they are pigeonholed? Discuss…

I’ll totally watch this but I’m kinda skeptical on these ladies. Who ARE the real Ghost Chicks? Please make some sort of noise in the room if you are here.

See, that top image up there includes ALL of the Ghost Chicks, but this one, below, just includes the ones that would deem ghoulishly hot.

Well, the one on the left is ghostly pale, the other two just look like ghost strippers… “Wanna see my BOOObies?”

And, please don’t tell me that’s the female symbol turned into some weird ghost tracking device in their logo.

And this next photo has a nice little non-demonic font and some pissed off Ghost Chicks. Probably because they just realized UGG Boots don’t come in size “purgatory.”

OK OK I’m scared already. We get it, you’re tough and you’re not scared and you dropped your camera on the floor and it still works!

I STILL don’t know how you fish out ghosts using your boobs, but I’m going to watch the show and find out. Seriously though, this is a pretty cool concept and I’m glad that it came to the area. So, you should watch this show, too and see what all the fuss is about. I’m actually pretty curious.

Hmm, just thinking but, ff I ever get a ghost chick in my house I’m going to make her scarily wash the dishes.

That being said. Ladies, if you’d like to go trick-or-treating with me, just ask. We’ll set something up.

Also, it appears that my bed and my shower are showing signs of some sort of poltergeist. I’m just sayin’. You might wanna check on that.