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Two Men Caught Having Man Sex at Rest Stop

Hey, I have no problem with man on man sex, I’m just not interested in seeing it or… hearing much about it or whatever. I’m sure no one wants to hear about my sex. Well, maybe. But neither of those issues are the point here.

The point here is if that you’re a teenager it’s totally acceptable to have sex somewhere in public or whatever because you have nowhere else to go. Cops will probably even give you a free pass because they know what it’s like to be young and wanna do it hard core (well probably not because they are cops and hate themselves.) Anyway, carrying on…

When you’re an adult, it’s NOT as cool to do this sort of thing because you SHOULD have a place to have sex. Whether it’s a nice house or a shitty apartment, you can at least have sex there.

So, it’s pretty clear why these two dudes were stopped while boning each other.

1. They are old “er”

2. They were doing it on the wood line.

Two Pennsylvania men were charged with lewdness and trespassing after they were seen having sex at the Route 78 west rest area near Exit 7 (Bloomsbury) around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, according to State Police at the Perryville station.

Trooper Bruce Sanderson was inspecting the rest area when he saw Craig Campeau, 49, of Reading, Pa. and Dean Knoop, 49, of Easton, partially nude and having sex near the wood line dividing state property from the rest area, police said.

The wood line, REALLY!?!?!? So awesome it hurts.

Sanderson arrested both “without incident,” and took them to Perryville station for processing, police said. Source

You will clearly notice that I did not reference “There’s Something About Mary” in this article and will not (although it’s totally true.) 

I’m speculating, however, that maybe these guys AREN’T out gay or whatever you call it. Openly gay. That’s it. Maybe they have wives and stuff and they are forced to go to the Interstate to have man love!

Or, they could just rent a motel room.

Man, these are cheap gay sexers.

P.S. Do not search “Gay men rest stop” on Google Images whilst looking for a picture with the filter off.