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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (POWERPOINT YOUR WAY TO FUN)


Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile RescueComputer TroubleshootersRun Lehigh Valley, and introducing Blackmans Cycle Center.

Hopefully we won’t have any courtroom drama in this week’s Missed Connections, like we had last week.

But, if you want fun times, head to The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.

It’s completely different from any comedy show you’ve seen before, mainly because they are using Powerpoints and… um, yeah, mostly because of that.

Seriously, if you haven’t been to a comedy show of any type at SteelStacks, this is a great jumping in point. There is a lot of great stuff going on there and this is one of the more unique shows yet.

We’ll see you there!

Now, onto some people who have a really hard time figuring out how to talk to other people.

Your Welcome Inn - Friday Night - w4m - 21

I’m really embarassed I don’t even remember your name, and lost my phone that night, but we were drinking super late and ended up hooking up towards closing time in my car. I was wearing all black, black dress, etxc. You beard and tattoos. I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you. Get in touch if you read this or maybe this weekend I’ll go back to the bar and see if you are around. Your friend with the glasses kept trying to get involved. For the record I would never touch him. I remember he seemed really desperate and his band is shitty and he probably hasn’t been laid in like 6 years. So yeah, less of him next time, less of all of your friends in shitty bands. We’ll take a ride out to Philly and do K or something. 


Ah, a guy at the Your Welcome Inn with a beard and tattoos with a friend wearing glasses? That should really narrow it down. She’ll find this guy in no time.

2 girls at Lansford family dollar - m4w

Hi I’m jay 29 I’m looking for these 2 hot girls I was behind in line today at the Lansford family dollar the one girl was really hot wearing black hoodie. Then I got in my car and drove past them on back road that same girl I saw was taking her hoodie off and I saw a glimpse of her bra and I got turned on fast and u did look at me in my car and if you by chance see this hit me up asap girls

Yeahhhhhhh, about never contacting this person because he probably has some deep seeded sexual issues if he gets turned on by the sight of a bra, do that.

Usahcky car plate - m4m (Coopersburg)

To the guy in the Kia shortage why don t you ride my ass more u where the jerk on saturday

I am pretty sure this guy doesn’t quite comprehend what m4m Missed Connections is for. Be careful what you wish for, buddy. 

Weis Sunday ( 4/13 ) around 10PM - m4w - 25 (Weis)

Met you in the parking lot of Weis in Whitehall and we chatted a bit, you were there feeding cats. Would love to talk again, and more ;) email me back!

Wait, she was there, at the Weis parking lot, FEEDING cats and you decided this would be a person you wanted to strike up a conversation with?

Ok, then…

At the Giant Wed. night. Whitehall - m4w - 48 (Lehigh Valley)

We pulled into the parking lot at the Giant supermarket Wednesday night at the same time 4/16. you are an Asian looking lady. I was speechless when I saw you. I would like to meet you and get to know you. We also left approximately the same time. If you are single and available please respond. you had blue slacks on.

Protip: Referring to a woman of Asian decent as an “Asian looking lady” is PROBABLY not going to result in the best response.

The thing is, you really have to think about this guy’s psyche. He TOTALLY thinks this is an appropriate way to ask this woman if she wants to go out. He thinks that this will get her to respond and they’ll live happily ever after together.

It’s wonderfully weird.

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Man Turns Off His Electrical Meter (You’re Not Supposed to do That)

Oil is stupid expensive. Every time I have to fill up my tank it’s costs like bazillion dollars, my first born, and a goat sacrifice.

I just saw on TV how some houses in the Scranton and Pottstown have coal stoves that heat their houses.

There’s something about heating your house with coal that seems pretty rustic and awesome, but then … do you have to mine it yourself? Do they have coal trucks that just drop off coal when you’re low? 

I’m sure I could google that but I’m busy writing this.

Lower Saucon Township man is accused of stealing power from PPL Electric Utilities by tampering with his electrical meter.

Police say Thomas Snyder, no age provided, of the 2000 block of Easton Road, stopped his meter from measuring electrical consumption. PPL reported an estimated loss of about 6,225 kilowatts worth roughly $560, police say. The damaged meter was valued at $120, according to the power company. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Stopping it is pretty obvious, dumbass. If there was just some way to SLOW it down, now THAT would be a smart way to mess with it.

But, yeah, I’m pretty sure the meter readers know something is up if you just stop it all together.

Do people still steal cable? 

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.


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Couple Grows Marijuana in Two-Year-Old Daughter’s Closet


I wasn’t ever really afraid of having monsters in my closet. Or, come to think of it, monsters under my bed.

I think I was more worried about things coming through the window, like bats. Bats are fucking crazy things and once I learned that they catch insects through FREAKING sonar, I was done with them.

My little self was like, “How the hell did bats adapt WWII technology? If they can do that, what can they do if they get in my room?”

No thanks.

A Lower Saucon Township couple face drug and child endangerment charges after police seized marijuana plants growing in their 2-year-old daughter’s bedroom closet, police said.

Jermaine Jarvis, 31, and Michelle Craig, 45, are each charged with manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, child endangerment and criminal conspiracy.

Jarvis, who has a prior felony conviction, is also charged with illegally possessing a handgun. Both were being held under bail Tuesday at Northampton County Prison, police said.SOURCE: The Morning Call

Wait, drugs in the kid’s room AND an illegal firearm? 

Where does this dad sign up to make more kids? Because he should be first in line.

When Pennsylvania eventually makes pot legal, how many people are going to feel so stupid for being ahead of the curve?

If you just didn’t get caught for TWO more years, you would have totally been safe, but, by then your daughter would have totally been a toddling pothead.

When this kid is 16 she’ll be like, “Hey dad, want to grow some pot in my closet again like old times?”

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.


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Man Gets Fired, Comes Back and Beats Former Co-Worker with Baseball Bat

No one likes getting fired. I mean, unless you watch “Office Space” and think that being happy with yourself is better than just having a job that pays the bills.

I’ll never understand this. Unless you’re lucky enough to have some sort of multi-thousand dollar savings account, why would you ever walk away from a job before you have something else lined up in the first place? 

It’s not about “working for the man” it’s about “feeding yourself.”

In any event, if you DO happen to get fired, coming back to beat your co-worker is not going to get you a nice reference letter.

An Allentown man recently fired from his job apparently returned to the job and attacked a former co-worker with a bat, police said. Jorge Javier Nieves-Dejesus, 31 of the 100 block of 14th Street, is facing numerous charges in the attack.

Nieves-Dejesus was fired from his job at Godshall’s Quality Meats, 675 Mill Road in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., on April 2, according to court documents.

After hitting him several times, a witness tried to break up the two men, and the witness told police that Nieves-Dejesus said, “That’s what you get for getting me fired.” SOURCE:

See, I’m more of the “slash his tires” or “sugar in the gas tank” or “send made up text chats looking like he was talking with other women to his wife” sort of revenge.

At least that stuff involves some plausible deniability. 

No, I’ve never done any of those things……..THIS WEEK. WHAAAAT?

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.


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Dummy Tries to Steal Baby From Stroller in Government Building

Some crimes make absolutely no sense. There’s just no rhyme, reason, or even a chance of the crime going off somewhat successfully.

If you’re going to try and steal a baby, maybe one of the worst places you could do so was in a government building, one that has a security guard.

And doing it on the third floor? What, were you hoping they had some sort of fire pole for a quick escape?

Nevin Walls tried to lift the baby from her stroller while her mother stood in line at the welfare office on the 3rd floor of the state office building at 625 Cherry St. in downtown Reading around noon Monday, according to court documents.

The baby’s mother, Destinea Torres, told police that Walls kept looking at the 2-month-old baby in her stroller. He then grabbed the infant but couldn’t get her out of the stroller because she was strapped in.

Torres and Walls both struggled to get control of the stroller, and the office security guard stepped in to help Torres, according to court documents. During the struggle to get Walls to let go, the stroller fell over and the baby hit her head, police said. SOURCE:

I’m thinking this guy is a few bricks short of a wall.

A few fries short of a Happy Meal.

A few sandwiches short of a picnic.

He’s probably dumb is what I’m trying to say.

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.


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Robber Complains That Victim Only Has $2 on Him


Beggars can’t be choosers.

But robbers CAN be choosers. I mean, if you decided to rob the person with no money on them, that sucks for you. You should choose to rob someone with tons of money instead

It’s the same thing as if you went to go rob a thrift store or something. What do you expect? $10,000?


A Bethlehem man who robbed a teen with a box cutter, then complained when he didn’t get much money, will serve 11 1/2 to 23 months in Northampton County Prison.

Nixon J. Montalvo-Velez received the sentence Friday from Judge Craig Dally after pleading guilty to robbery, a felony.

"You only have two dollars?" Montalvo-Velez asked his 17-year-old victim, according to court records. "How am I supposed to pay for my daughter’s diapers?"

Montalvo-Velez, 20, held up the teen Nov. 19 after hitching a ride with him from a bowling alley on Stefko Boulevard, police said. Montalvo-Velez ended up filching more than just the couple of bucks, police said, also taking a cellphone and a third dollar he found on the floor of the car. SOURCE: The Morning Call
The answer to that question, Nixon, is get a job.
When you don’t have a job, your job is to get a job. If I was going to rob any thing, it’d be a parking meter. Do you know how many quarters are in the ones that don’t have credit card readers? Like tons of them.

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11 p.m. at the SteelStacks.


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Man Beats Pregnant Girlfriend, Steps on 9-Month Old Baby

I’ll never understand anyone who beats on people who are absolutely innocent. I was watching the super awful sequel to Ghost Rider the other day and I was thinking how cool it is that he only protects the innocent.

And not like the, “innocent only because we don’t know the guilty stuff you did,” but the ACTUAL innocents who have never done anything bad.

Then I watched the rest of the movie and couldn’t figure out how Nic Cage was actually cast. It was sad bad. 

An 32-year-old Allentown man is accused of pushing his 8-month pregnant girlfriend to the floor, where she landed on her abdomen, and then repeatedly punching her in the head and face, city police said.

The victim told police she began bleeding after the assault and had not felt her baby kick since the attack started, according to court records.

Julus Papa Kamara, of the 1000 block of Hall Street, is charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment and harassment. He was arraigned before District Judge Robert Halal and sent to Lehigh County Prison in lieu of $10,000 bail.

Kamara also assaulted other people in the home and stepped on a 9-month-old baby in the process, records say. SOURCE: The Express-Times

This guy is a special type of moron. And if that baby passes away, which hopefully will not happen, he should be charged with murder.

This seems to happen way too often where a child is collateral damage in an argument that could have been settled by someone just deciding not to be a jackass for a hot second.

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11PM at the SteelStacks.


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Man’s Three-Legged Husky Kills Neighbor’s Turkeys and Chickens


There’s something about a three-legged dog that everyone loves. I think it’s because when a human loses a leg they can be all bummed out about it. Sure, they can get some pretty awesome mechanical legs, but, they probably still wish they had their old leg.

When a dog loses a leg, he’s like #whatevs. Seriously, it’s like he never even had that leg in the first place. Dude couldn’t care less. He’s all running around, peeing on stuff without lifting his leg because it’s not there, and basically just acting as if nothing has changed.

And they can still kill things!

A Poconos man is facing charges after police said his dog got loose two times in less than a week, killing turkeys and chicken on nearby properties.

State police said the first incident happened on April 7 when a dog owned by 25-year-old Jacob Hanyon got loose from his property in the 700 block of Snowhill Road in Price Township.

Police said the dog attacked three turkeys, killing two and maiming the other.

The second incident happened on April 10 when a 3-legged husky owned by Hanyon ran onto a neighbors’ property and killed a chicken, according to police.

Police did not specify if the same dog was involved in both incidents.

Hanyon faces charges under laws pertaining to confinement of dogs and harboring dangerous dogs. SOURCE:

As much as I’m happy for the three-legged dog and proud of him for still getting out there, you gotta leash your dog, dude. No one likes a dog owner who can’t control their dog. It’s a reflection of yourself.

If you’re a lazy person and you just wanted a dog to get a dog, that’s going to show when you bring it around other dogs.

Yesterday, at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs game, it was Doggy Day. And, for the most part, the dogs there were very well behaved. However, there were one or two owners who just didn’t have a handle on their poor doggies. 

Seriously, read a dog training book or make that “pssshtt” sound Caesar Milan uses. That thing works like every time.

Brought to you by The Flighty Ducks Powerpoint Kamikaze Show Saturday, April 19th, at 11PM at the SteelStacks.


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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (LOVE AT THE BABY KILLER TRIAL!?)


Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile RescueComputer TroubleshootersRun Lehigh Valley, and introducing Blackmans Cycle Center.

Amanda Hein, the woman who killed her baby at a Lehigh Valley restaurant, was found guilty of first degree murder which means life in prison. But, could love have also come from that trial? 

But first, the weather has decided that it’s officially spring, which means this is probably the first weekend (of many) where you can day drink while sitting outside of your favorite bar …. provided it has outdoor seating.

Don’t sit outside of a bar that doesn’t have outdoor seating and drink, it’s a bad look.

And since Official Drink Outside Day has come, that means we’re one day closer to having a “fest” every weekend. You know, if Lehigh Valley suffers from anything, it’s having too many things with the suffix “fest” and, you know what? I’m totally okay with that.

This people are totally okay with being weird.

Wawa Easton ave - m4w - 29

Ran in to get coffee seen you by the fruit cups. By the time I had my coffee didn’t see you. Nice tight black pants love pink perhaps. Then I seen you get into a Toyota. Get back to me, wish I woulda said something when I first walked past you.

I SAW you get into a Toyota. SAW. Listen, there are a bunch of grammatical missteps that people can get past. But, confusing “seen” and “saw” is just super low rent.

Next time you see here in there, say, “Hey, I saw you the other day, you were the prettiest girl I have ever seen.”

BOOM instant make out session right there by the Sizzlis.

Jocks at Green Door Friday night - m4m

Thanks for the show in the hall! Must have been a frat haze dare. 
Nice to see the naked stroll on the hot guy (the other was OK but hard to tell
since he was on his cell most of the time). You guys did girly chit chat too much
but if your mouths were full and you were moaning it would have been a better 
atmosphere. But naked hottie . . ditch the girlyboi and come back alone.

I have no idea what’s going on here.

Coopersburg ABS - m4m - 34

I was wearing sweats over panties, you were in suit and tie, what did we do and where did we end up? Would you like to again? Tell me what car you drove and something else about yesterday if so.

I have no idea what’s going on here.

9:15 probation - m4w - 28 (Easton)

We have chatted a few times you have me your number. I lost it :( but I came back to look for you today and you already had a ride. I live close you should message me if you want my number and I can give you rides if you need or we can get coffee or anything I just like being around you

You know, you would expect me to get all over this guy, but, there’s part of me who just thinks that, screw it, he’s doing the best he can given his situation and he’s not being overly creepy…. so… good for him.

But, note to him, it may not be the best idea ever to date a girl you met at the probation office if you’re also on probation. It’s like two matchsticks getting together, you know something bad is going to come out of it. Why not head over to the Wawa and hang out in the fruit cup section?

And now, our Missed Connection possibly of the year…

you were a juror in the allentown baby killing case - m4w (Easton)

You…blonde juror 2nd row in the Amanda Catherine Hein case
Me…testified first thing Wednesday morning about an online/phone relationship with Amanda
You…smiling at me
Me…making eye contact and trying not to make it obvious I was smiling back

Hope you get done soon

hope to hear from you

Is this somehow illegal? Um…. this may be the most awkward and creepy missed connection I have ever read, if it’s true.You’re there testifying about a dead baby while also checking out the jurors?Yeeeowwwwsers.

Again, not sure if this is in any way illegal or compromises the case (I assume it would have to go a little further than just making eye contact.) But still, is that the story you want to tell your kids of how you met? 

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Creepy Old Teacher May Have Snuck Into Locker Room to Steal Boys’ Underwear

There’s a fine line between having a fetish and having a problem.

If you want to get dressed up in sailor costumes and get whipped by pixie stix by your significant other, that’s your own prerogative.

But, if you want to go steal young men’s underwear from the school they attend, THAT may be an issue.

Bangor Area School District police have charged a 63-year-old retired teacher who they say went into the boys’ locker room at the high school without authorization and took clothing, according to court records.

Curt Reimer of Plainfield Township was charged Monday with burglary, criminal trespass and theft. Reimer is free under $40,000 unsecured bail.

Two juvenile boys told police that he saw Reimer “picking up articles of clothing” and going through gym bags in a changing area inside the boys’ locker room.

Police said in 2002, Reimer had taken approximately 40 pairs of underwear from students at the high school. The underwear was stolen from the boys’ locker room. No criminal charges were filed in that case, according to court records. SOURCE: The Morning Call

Yeah, that’s fucking creepy. Like, super fucking creepy. What does he do? Go home and hang their underwear on the wall? Does he keep them in a big tupperware container? 

I mean, we all know what he does with them, so maybe it’s better to think that he just likes to look at them.

Seriously though, just go buy some Fruit of the Looms at Walmart and pretend some boys wore them. Dude, you’re just freaking everyone out.

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Man Crashes Truck Into House, Receives Drug Deal Texts at Hospital

Everyone has stuff that they want to keep secret and most of it is probably on their cell phone.

It’s amazing that this little tiny device holds SO much information that could get most people, at the least, embarrassed for some naked pictures or, at worst, arrested because someone is texting you to buy drugs while you’re in the hospital after you just drove into a house.

Derek James Miller, 21, of the 5200 block of Second Street, turned himself in Tuesday to answer to charges stemming from a July 10 crash in the borough.

Court records say Miller was speeding in his Dodge Durango on Route 329 westbound when he crossed the center line and drove up an embankment, striking a residence at 120 E. 21st St. Court records did not indicate whether anyone in the house was hurt.

Miller allegedly told police on the scene looking for identification to check in his backpack. Police say they did find his driver’s license in there but not before also locating a bottle with 34 small sandwich bags and several unknown pills.

Did he forget he had those in there or did he bang his head that badly?

Miller, who was injured in the wreck, was taken to St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill for treatment and a blood draw, court records say. Police say that while he was at the hospital his cellphone began receiving texts referencing a drug deal. Authorities obtained a search warrant so they could look at the messages, court papers say, and were able to confirm that the correspondence related to a drug deal. SOURCE: The Express-Times

THAT has to be awkward.

Drug Person: Duuuuude I need the hookup

Miller’s Phone: What does hookup Mean?

Drug Person: You know, like the stuff.

Miller’s Phone: Like what stuff?

Drug Person: Some freakin’ pilly pills. What the eff dude? Meet me at the Turkey Hill in 20.

Miller’s Phone: HAHA this is the cops!

Drug Person: Totes wrong number.

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Parents Sue School Because Their Son’s Bible-Filled Valentine’s Day Card was Removed from School

Remember that whole, separation of church and state, thing? Good.

Now, if you want to believe in Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, that’s totally fine. If you want to get mad because you can’t put biblical gobblegook in Valentine’s Day cards that you try to give to your kid’s classmates at school, then too bad.

Now a couple is taking on the Nazareth Area School District in Northampton County over a dispute about their first-grader’s Valentine’s Day cards.

The note that was attached to the card said, “Happy Valentine’s Day! St. Valentine was imprisoned and martyred for presiding over marriages and for spreading the news of God’s love. In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I want you to know that God loves you!!!”

I wonder if he presided over any same sex marriages.

Below that is the Bible verse.

The suit claims the principal told the Abramos that it is district policy that no religious material of any kind can be distributed at school. “The student was upset about this. He and his siblings that had also prepared them had put a lot of work into these and to see all of your hard work basically thrown out because it was religious. He was upset by it,” explained Sharp.

Um, yeah. That’s the point. I bet you that if a student of the Muslim faith came into this school and passed out cards with some Allah verse on them, these parents would FREAK OUT. 

And probably sue the school for that, of course.

The Abramos have filed suit against the Nazareth Area School District, claiming the boy’s constitutional rights were violated. Sharp said they’re asking the district to get rid of the policy they’re challenging and to allow students to distribute religious materials during class activities. Calls to school and district officials were not returned Tuesday.

OOOOOR you can send your kid to religion school where they can pass out all of this propaganda whenever they want.

"Some of the other cards that were allowed, one of them had a kind of open laughing skull. There was others that had Star Wars, the troopers with guns," he said. "It’s just troubling when all of that other stuff is allowed and then here’s a message about Valentine’s and quoting a Bible verse and it’s the one that’s targeted out and censored." SOURCE: 

Well, to be fair, I guess Star Wars is kind of a religion to some people, but, seriously, still. You can’t pass out your religious crap at school because not everyone is religious or the same religion as you.

How hard is that to understand?

Religion is something that, surprise, people take very seriously and something that governs their whole lives. So, while we can have some fun with Star Wars, it’s not Christianity, it’s not Islam, etc.

Go pray on your own time, no one is stopping you. It’s all good. 

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Is Emmaus Still Overrun with Cat Poop? This Lady Does the Poopy Math


So, last year, Sherry Meck went to Emmaus borough council and explained how she thought the borough was full of too many cats. She explained how cats had like one billion babies per year. Give or take.

Anyhoo, it looks like Meck isn’t satisfied with any cat changes and came back to the council to try and impress them with some cat facts.

She argued that Emmaus is failing to enforce its own animal control laws regarding cats.

She accused the borough of having a double standard, saying she would be fined if she did not pick up after her two dogs, “which I do every single time.”

Meck said her two dogs “poop” about twice a day, adding: “I hope that word does not offend you.” Doing the math, she said that amounts to 1,456 piles of poop a year.

"We have more than 30 feral cats in our neighborhood," she said. "But if you take that average, times 30 cats, that’s 21,840 piles of poop per year."

Meck, who lives in the 1100 block of W. Broad Street, claimed seven colonies of feral cats are in Emmaus. “It’s not just in our neighborhood.” 

"I picked up 97 piles of poop over the weekend from the winter," she said. "Now that they can dig up the mulch, they’re starting to bury them. After it rains, it stinks outside. It’s embarrassing." SOURCE:

21,840 PILES of poop per year! How is the borough not overrun with cat poop? How can they survive against this onslaught of cats?

Basically, the borough has a trap, neuter, and release program of some sort, but that doesn’t take care of the poopy piles.

In any event, it just seems odd that Emmaus would be the epicenter of a feline poop outbreak.

Is there a large contingent of shiny things there? Do tons of single ladies over the age of 34 live downtown?

What is attracting these cats?

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Domestic Violence in Da House! (SERIOUSLY, STOP THIS)

You would think that spring would be a good time to get out of the house and not beat your girlfriend.

Instead of hitting them with things, maybe you could, you know, head out for a walk along the river or or take up a new hobby or adopt a dog with three legs and name it Triplicate. 

Instead, here are two stories about idiots beating up women.

A Lower Macungie Township man went to his former girlfriend’s Whitehall apartment early Saturday and beat her with a belt on her head, hand and back, police said.

Jomo D. Burton, 39, of the 1200 block of Stein Way, first told Ashley Kuhar that he was going to hit her, and after they began arguing, he pulled off his belt and hit her repeatedly, according to Whitehall police.

Burton also threatened to strangle Kuhar “so someone can find you on the floor,” police said.SOURCE: The Morning Call

Ah, the ol’ pulling the belt off and using it as a weapon trick! Made most famous by drunken fathers in the 1960s; this was a bold throwback movie.

Let’s see how this guy does.

An Allentown woman’s boyfriend punched her, breaking her nose, and choked her until she passed out Friday morning, police said.

Amaurys Feliz-Sanchez, 41, of Allentown, attacked his girlfriend, Sandra Nazario, about 7:25 a.m. and left her with injuries that required hospitalization, according to the police arrest affidavit.SOURCE: The Morning Call

Ah, the old I’m a complete and total fucktard and I love breaking noses move. Very high class. A little bit of an overkill, but, hey, who am I judge this guy’s art?

Seriously. Stop beating women.

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Read This Super Racists ‘Article’ About the People Coming to The Sands


The Morning Call ran an article detailing the influx of Asian Americans coming in from the New York area aboard buses to take advantage of the Sands Casino’s “free play.” The article, go read it, detailed why this was happening and how.

That was a GOOD article. Mostly fair and balanced. What follows below is not.

Now, there are obviously some less-than-desirable results due to the sheer amount of people coming in on the buses and biding their time until they take the bus to go home (they sell their free play and pocket the money.)

And, while these issues need to be addressed and most likely will be due to the publicity given, this “article” from the “examiner” whatever it is, is so racist it’s pretty laughable.

First, many do some shopping but most of it is at the Wawa and the Bottom Dollar Store across the Lehigh River on the Northside of the city on Stefko Boulevard. But that’s usually only for eggs which are relatively inexpensive, especially when you put x-large eggs into the smaller size containers. There is a strict 2 dozen limit of eggs per customer otherwise the days’ supply of eggs would be sold-out in a matter of minutes on a daily basis.

Store owners and shop keepers are very leery when the flash mobs of Orientals hit their stores. Some on the Southside limit the numbers in their shops or lock their doors allowing only actual customers to enter.

Yep, he used the word “Orientals.” This guy has no fear.

The Sands installed hand-drying machines in their restrooms because the paper towels kept disappearing. Oh, don’t be surprised if you see some the of New Yorkers bathing in the restrooms, that includes washing their feet in the sinks. And the casino also has had past problems with fleas and lice.

While this may or may not be true, it’s not verified. This article is LITTERED with information that the writer has to have heard from other people. Making it no better than a haphazard Facebook post at best.

Others venture over to the Lehigh Canal, to do some fishing and hunting. Of course they don’t have licenses for these activities but that doesn’t stop them. They have refined the art of catching geese though. First, you feed them, than you snatch them, snap their necks and finally stuff them in your bag or cooler (if there aren’t too many illegal fish already in them) for the ride home. Also, they will take along some wild grasses and wildflowers which are planted as riparian buffers along the canal and river.

Some have even made a nice stone walkway to the river where they have constructed a nice shelter area for resting, especially after bathing and swimming in the Lehigh. Wonder if they ever got the proper city permits?

One final thought, if you go for a walk or run on the canal towpath (D&L Trail) and take your dog along, keep it on a leash, a very short one!SOURCE: The Examiner

Hey, I’m all for making sure that we hold Bethlehem to some standards. And, I’d like it if people coming in were at least attempting to enjoy the area or make it a better place in some respect.

However, once we start reacting to the situation in this type of manner, we only come off as intolerant and racists jerks. There are ways to handle this, and hopefully the right one is chosen.

But, I don’t think we should start out by using hearsay as gospel. 


Besides, weren’t we looking for a way to get rid of all these extra geese? Maybe they can focus on those crows during the fall as well.

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