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Community Not Happy With Dummy Hanging From Noose Halloween “Decoration”


That, apparently, is a Halloween decoration on Route 145 in Salisbury Township, south of Allentown, and a few local resident aren’t too pleased with it.

But, local police apparently say that nothing can be done about it because of free speech and the right to bear dummies hanging from nooses.


Displayed in the parking lot of the defunct Mountainside Restaurant on the hill of S. 4th St. is a wooden noose with a dangling dummy. What is fun & decorative about this image?

Edit: Nooses are covered under the first amendment unless you can prove its a hate crime. Because it stands alone, the argument for it being part of a “halloween” display wouldn’t add up. There’s no context to it. Seems like its intent is to send a message of intimidation. 

It is not only offensive it is a safety hazard. I have seen several accidents almost occur because people are so shocked by what they are seeing that they become distracted. One car almost slammed into the vehicle in front of them. 

Not only that, it is a poor reflection of what the Salisbury Township PD allows in their community. Thankful to the residents who have called and placed a complaint and who will be calling.

Anyone who would like to call the Salisbury Township police dept, here is their phone # to Call & place a complaint:

Salisbury Township Police: (610) 797-1447
Address: 3000 S Pike Ave, Allentown, PA 18103

Mountainside Restaurant Address: 2720 S. Pike Ave. (Fourth Street) SOURCE: Facebook

Now, there is a part of me that initially doesn’t see a problem with it because it’s freedom of speech, etc.

However, then I thought about what I would think if this thing was sitting across the street from my living room window.

I mean, sure, it’s Halloween. It’s time to be scary and such. But, this type of “decoration” seems more suited for a haunted house or something.

Besides, if hangings are not something you’re totally into, would you really want to drive home to this every night?

What do you think? Not a rhetorical question. I’m actually really interested in what you think about this…

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Man Uses Phone to Search for Child Porn at Emergency Room, Leaves Phone at Emergency Room

I have said it a million times, but, it bears repeating that people who look at or make child porn are pretty much the lowest forms of life on the planet.

If you’re going to be an awful criminal, you might as well prey on people who could possibly have the chance at fighting back.

The whole way this went down is unreal and if this guy doesn’t deserve to be punished, I’m not sure who does.

Authorities say child pornography on the cell phone of a Phillipsburg man arrested last week was discovered when the 27-year-old left the phone behind after a trip to a hospital emergency room.

Police found several images on Larry Reed Jr.’s phone and learned he had used the hospital’s guest wi-fi network to search for more sexual images of young girls, according to probable cause affidavit filed by Phillipsburg police.

So, how did all of this come to be? Get ready and keep in mind that this actually happened. A real human being actually did this.

In court papers, police said employees from a linen company used by St. Luke’s Hospital in Phillipsburg found the Sony Ericcson cell phone on Sept. 23 lying in dirty sheets. It was turned over to a hospital employee who told police he began checking the contacts folder to see if he could find the owner.

Unsuccessful, he flipped to the photo gallery and found what he thought was child pornography.

The employee turned the phone over to the hospital’s director of security who described the pictures to police as being of a girl, about 7 or 8 years old, posing in sexually explicit positions and a young boy performing acts of a sexual nature, according to court papers.

Phillipsburg detectives examined the phone and found several other pornographic images of children, all of which were dated between June and September, records say.

Detectives found a Google search on the Sony phone for “little girls in bikinis,” at the time Reed was in the hospital, court papers say. Phone records showed the device had been connected to the hospital’s guest wi-fi network, the affidavit says.   

Another Internet search for “little girls naked” was also performed shortly after Reed was discharged, court papers say. SOURCE: The Express-Times

So, this guy goes to the ER for whatever reason, then, while there, searches for child porn.

He goes in and is treated at the ER and then is discharged, where he again searches for child porn.

The fact that he’s doing this out in public is… wtf? There should be a law that allows you to beat someone senseless if you caught them doing anything remotely close to this.

Cue the lawyer who is going to argue that he hit his head or something, which is why he was in the ER, which lead him to make the searches.

I hate this imaginary lawyer already.

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Ebola Scare Closes Hackettstown Rite Aid Because People are Insane

Ebola is amazing because it’s going to eventually kill less people in the U.S. than alien invasions, and about a million times less than the flu, but regular Americans are convinced that it is some sort of conspiracy virus put together in Obama’s basement.

The true thing here is that people genuinely love this type of shit. They love to be able to be scared of Ebola because it gives them something else to complain about in life. 

It allows them to post conspiracy theories on Facebook and have other severely uninformed people agree with them.

At the end of the day, Ebola makes these people happy. It’s something fun to talk about. It’s something that they can get outraged about.

And, cmon, people LOVE being outraged.

A Rite Aid in Warren County, N.J. was closed for about an hour after a man inside the store showed possible signs of Ebola, police said.

The incident happened around 4:50 p.m. Friday at the Rite Aid in the 200 block of Mountain Avenue in Hackettstown.

Police said they and the Hackettstown Rescue Squad responded “in reference to an ill male who was possibly showing the signs of Ebola.”

Officials from the Warren County Health Department and Hackettstown Rescue Squad evaluated the male and determined he did not have Ebola. SOURCE:

What probably happened was some lady saw and heard some guy sneeze and since she has been watching Fox news and reading Facebook all day, she was an expert on Ebola symptoms.

At what point did people stop thinking that you needed actual research and education to make claims about things that need to be researched and learned? 

People want to (and think they are) instant experts at everything. 

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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (KICKBALL FEST!!!!)

Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile Rescue, and Diamond Toyota,

The Inaugural City of Bethlehem and Lehigh Valley with Love Kickball Fest will be held at 11 a.m. at Elmwood Park in Bethlehem on Saturday, October 18.

It’s free to play. All you have to do is bring yourself and your friends. We’ll put teams together on the spot, play until we have a champ, and then head down to The Bayou for drink specials.

So, start showing up around 10:30 a.m. and have some fun! If you have any other questions, please email or Tweet to @LVwithLove.

If this goes well, we’re totally going to try those huge inflatable balls that people put over their bodies and run into each other with.

If you can kick a wrench, you can kick a ball!

Hopefully some of these people come out to play…

Kevin from the 3rd floor - m4m - 30 (Allentown)

Long shot, we met when you introduced yourself to my mom who is a your new neighbor. I was visiting and introduced myself too and we shook hands. I thought u were so hot and would like to introduced myself again, but between your legs. If you see this, email me the address and your availability

MAN! I thought this was going to be a nice, sweet, actual Missed Connection where someone really wants to unite on a deep level, but NooOoOoOoOOO you had to drop in that “between your legs” bit, didntcha?

Our eyes connected at Target - m4w

You were pushing your son in a cart and I was holding my son in my arms. When I walked around the corner, our eyes connected and your beauty literally took my breath away. I’m regretting not trying to talk to you, but I hope some how you see this…

Hey, Mr. “between your legs” see this nice Missed Connection? See how this guy , who is probably still creepy, at least didn’t come off as outwardly creepy. That’s how you put together a proper Missed Connection.

Hellertown Diner - m4w - 38 (hellertown)

You were there mid day.

We made eye contact, hoping you were as interested as I was.

Send pic

Thanks for narrowing it down there, buddy. But, yeah, send pic.

girl at accident on 191 and 22 - m4w - 25

I know this is a long shot but I have been regretting not getting your number all day. If you see this email and tell me what kind of car I was in.

Hopefully not the wrecked one? I mean, as weird as this sounded when I first read it, if you were stopped in traffic due to a car wreck that COULD be the perfect time to pick up a lady if there was one next to you in said traffic jam. 

But, come on man! Do you want to tell your future kids that you met in a traffic jam or do you want to tell them that you met in a traffic jam but you were too much of a wuss to ask for her number, so you put it on the Interwebs and then she contacted you?

That’s just such a worse story, dontcha think?

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ANOTHER Lehigh Valley High School Soccer Game Taunting!


There are some trends that you don’t want to be a part of.

Just don’t participate in them.

Remember when everyone used to cuff the bottom of their jeans in the early 1990s?

WTF was that about? Who first did that and thought, “This is awesome!”? 

Pogs were the coolest thing in the world in comparison, and they were almost the least cool things in the world in real life.

So, if yelling racial slurs at local soccer games is a fad, don’t participate.

An Emmaus boys soccer player repeatedly called an opposing team’s player a racial slur during last week’s game, multiple witnesses said.

The Emmaus senior, who is white, continued to hurl the slur at Whitehall junior Javaughn Hussett, who is black, even after being confronted by his coach, John Cari, and the opposing team’s players, according to Hussett’s mother, Tanya, and teammate Anthony Kleckner.

Kleckner said other Emmaus players directed racial digs at Hussett, though not as loudly or as often as their teammate. A game referee was in earshot the first time the boy called Hussett the slur, but did not discipline him, he said Wednesday. SOURCE: The Express-Times

If you’re not up to speed, another Lehigh Valley high school soccer player was exposed to “Ebola” taunts recently, resulting in the taunting team’s coaches resignations.

What does this all mean? Area Lehigh Valley soccer players super racist? Is soccer full of hooligans?

In one comment on our Facebook page, someone said that we were making much too big of a deal about it and that it was just “kids being kids.”

If “kids being kids” involves racist taunts at public school soccer games, then kids are fucking stupid and need to be punished more.

Stop being dicks, seriously. If you hate the kid, do what normal people do and talk about him behind his back. That’s the American way.


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Northampton Coaches Resign after “Ebola” Chants at Soccer Game

View image on Twitter

Yep, those are “End Racism” bracelets that are being sold at Nazareth High School after some kids yelled about how they hoped one Nazareth West African player would get Ebola

It’s pretty bad when one school is selling “End Racism” bracelets in response to what another school did.

Seriously, Northampton, wtf?

Maybe you guys should have some sort of “We’re Not Racist Parade.”

Two Northampton Area School District soccer coaches have resigned after some of their players allegedly taunted a West African player on an opposing team with Ebola comments, the Morning Call reports.

Coach Craig Carvin and Assistant Coach Jason Melniszyn both submitted their resignation Tuesday night, Northampton Area Superintendent Joe Kovalchik confirmed Wednesday.

Kovalchik said he would not speculate on why the coaches stepped down. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Hmm, maybe it was because their players were yelling racist taunts and they didn’t do anything about it?

That’s when you stop the game and forfeit it to teach your player’s a valuable life lesson. And THEN, like 20 years later, someone will remember that you did that and make it into a Disney movie.

But, nope, you had to go ahead and let them taunt the poor kid and now your whole town looks bad and people are making fun of it.

No one wants to see that movie.


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Man Dressed as Ugly Woman Steals Cosmetics from CVS

I believe that people are born gay, straight and/or in the wrong body. It’s not even that big of a stretch when you think about it medically. 

There are so many different types of people with types of affinities, why wouldn’t it make sense that just because someone is born with a penis that it means they want to like women? 

Because man and woman make the most “biological” sense since they can reproduce? Sure, that’s great and all. But that assumes that the purpose of a human’s life is simply to reproduce.

There are tons of animals out there in the wilderness who were born with animal penises who want to hump other animals with animal penises.

If ANYTHING, being gay or transexual is as normal as being a brunette, just on a lower level of instance.

So, while I support this lady’s life choices, I don’t see why she has to steal to make herself booootiful.

A man dressed as a woman has been identified as the person being sought for stealing thousands of dollars worth of makeup from the CVS store in Kutztown, police said.

Borough police initially sought help from the public in identifying two women who were caught on surveillance cameras inside the CVS on Constitution Boulevard on Sept. 25.

It turns out, however, that Luis Cebollero was actually dressed as a woman when he took roughly $3,000 worth of cosmetics, police said. SOURCE:

Now, I’m not an expert on female beauty or anything and, sure, it’s in the eye of the beholder or something. However, I think that Luis needs take care of a bit of that stubble.

I mean, we all know that fall and winter are “Sasquatch Months’ for ladies. But, that usually refers to their legs, not their faces.

Hopefully Luis is able to come through this whole ordeal a better man… lady! I’m going to get better at this!


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10-Year-Old-Boy Kills 90-Year-Old Woman in Northern PA

Well, this is terrifying. 

Kids can be jerks, yes, but, if a 10-year-old actually goes ahead and murders someone…..straight up MURDERS someone…. he’s way beyond anything that should be considered “a normal kid just making a mistake.”

His synapses ain’t working right.

When a 10-year-old Wayne County boy lost his temper with a 90-year-old woman Saturday, state police said the boy grabbed a cane and hooked it around her neck and then held her down and beat her.

Now state police have charged the boy, Tristen Kurilla, with criminal homicide in the death of Helen Novak. He was charged as an adult.

While visiting Mr. Virbitsky, of 349 Sky Lake Road, Mr. Kurilla went into Ms. Novak’s room around 10 a.m. to ask a question. Mr. Kurilla told police Ms. Novak yelled at him to leave the room.

Mr. Kurilla, “very mad” at Ms. Novak’s response, left the room and grabbed a wooden cane, police said. The boy told police Ms. Novak was sitting upright at the end of her bed when he came behind her, hooked the cane around her throat and pulled back.SOURCE: The Morning Call

There are people online saying how the kid was a “snot” or “spoiled” or his parents were somehow at fault here but… I think he’s just a straight up psychopath.

If he didn’t do this NOW, he probably would have done this at some point down the road and maybe at a level that wouldn’t have been almost an accident.

Which is even more terrifying..


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Teen Soccer Player Taunted by “Ebola” Chants During Northampton Game

Northampton, keepin’ it classy.

Now, there’s always a fine line when it comes to sports chants. 

Telling the ref he’s blind (which we had to do like ten times at Oktoberfest this past weekend) is perfectly acceptable. The ref signed up for that.

Throwing batteries at the ref? Not so much.

Telling a player he’s a chump? Yes, all day long.

Openly wishing a player from West Africa contracts Ebola? Welllll… 

A West African player on Nazareth Area High School’s boys soccer team was taunted by Northampton players with chants of “Ebola!” during a game last week, according to his legal guardian.

Edward Bachert, custodian for the 16-year-old soccer player, said the teen told him Ebola comments peppered last Thursday’s game at Nazareth. Other Nazareth players told Bachert their opponents directed racial slurs at the teen as well, said Bachert, who was at the game but out of earshot.

It might not be so bad if the kid didn’t have an ACTUAL and DIRECT tie to the area. This is when it gets bad.

The teen came to America with siblings about three years ago and is from a small town in Guinea, ground zero of the Ebola outbreak, Bachert said. Bachert’s family took the teen in two years ago, but he constantly worries about the health of his parents, who still live in their home village.

So, you’d figure the refs and the coaches would also hear what was going on and maybe they wouldn’t let what happen next happen.

Distressed by the alleged Ebola remarks, the teen charged a Northampton player during the game’s waning minutes and was ejected, Bachert said. He cried at the kitchen table when he got home.

"He was upset on the field, he was upset when I saw him after the game, he was upset when he came home," Bachert said. SOURCE: The Morning Call

While this doesn’t reflect on the entire town of Northampton, it doesn’t exactly help its reputation of being… well… less than “accepting.”

It sucks when adults in this situation screw up. There is no way they didn’t hear the taunts. Just no way. And the fact that they ended up EJECTING the kid makes it worse.

This poor kid has PARENTS in the Ebola outbreak area. And, while the whole event is way too big to not expect any sort of jokes to come about, directly shouting them at a teen who is new to the country is disgusting.

Be proud. Super proud.

You can, however, come to Kickball Fest this Saturday in Bethlehem and taunt me. I’m used to it.


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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (OKTOBERFEST CHALLENGE SATURDAY)


Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile Rescue, and Diamond Toyota,

Saturday, October 11, Lehigh Valley with Love returns to the Oktoberfest Celebrity Skills Challenge to claim what is rightfully ours, first place!

I mean, check out our legendary keg roll.

Service Electric paid off the judges ”won” in overtime last year even though Team LVwithLOVE crossed the stein race finish line first.

So, we spilled a little bit of beer. Big deal. We were pouring it on the ground for our homies who couldn’t be with us. 

But, nOoOoOOo apparently that results in some arbitrary seconds being taken off the board, conveniently enough for team Service Electric to pass us. Hmmmmm.

In all seriousness (yes, that happens) come down to Oktoberfest tomorrow at noon to check out the event. There are some fun teams and personalities participating. There is no admission this year, so come cheer us on (or boo us) or drink with us. 

Now onto people who should maybe not come to Oktoberfest.

seeking young guy with tattoo on face - m4m (Wendy’s)

Saw you at Wendy’s on Stefko Wednesday night, the tattoo is cool and you look really well built. Would love to chat sometime. Tell me what color shirt you were wearing.

Hey, here’s the exact type of person you don’t have a nice “chat” with. If you’re getting a tattoo on your face, you’re not so secretly hoping to work as a bus boy for the rest of your life. This isn’t anything against tattoos. This is against face tattoos. 

Just get a butterfly on your lower back. People love 

That sexy thing looking up missd connections - m4w (Ya know)

Jenell, ya may wanna stop looking at atowns missed connections. You seemed really attached to it last night and Im afraid itll become a hinder to your daily life. I know this stuff is e-springer worthy but I think you may need to reconnect facebook account before this consumes your life. 
Yo dog, was retriever!!
Its hard thinking bout our business proposal when im not there laughing at this shit too!

Ttyl xoxo

"E-Springer worthy" is pretty awesome. I mean, if this was like ten years ago. Do people still watch that show? Maury is way cooler now, right? I need to stay home during the work week to get caught up.

40 below, years ago - m4w (Bethlehem)

So this is reallya long shot, but wth… You, Hispanic female going through a divorce and a beautiful baby girl. Me, white male much younger (10+/-) then you. Even the age difference didn’t stop us from being happy for the little bit we talked… Like I said this isa missed connection from years ago, maybe ‘09 how you’re doing well.

Ah, 40 Below, now THERE are some memories .What an awful, awful place that was. Seriously, I’m not big on having to walk through a metal detector to get in somewhere that’s not an airplane.

Also, dude, when you say that you’re younger, it’s 10- not 10 (+/-), that would imply that you’re like 20 or maybe 40. That’s a big gap.

Workout Bulges - m4m - 59 (Steel Fitness Allentown )

I know it is not appropriate to look at your bulges in our gym while we workout or change. You also may think that i am looking for something sexual when i look at your bulges but it is actually i really admire how you keep your body healthy like that because as a man with E.D (as 40 % men are) if i can keep my tool aroused like your i am thankful enough (enjoying true male bonding is truly a blessing to me). 

I wish i could get aroused like your and i hope you will keep up with your good work and don’t feel shame about getting arouse in gym because we come to get ourselves healthier and getting aroused is really a sign of healthy heart; the erection is connected strongly with heart’s health. 

Please forgive me! Please don’t judge me! and Please pray for me! 

This guy needs to spend less time at the gym and more time at therapy.

I mean, it’s cool to have man crushes and all, but admiring another man’s dong is just wrong. I mean, unless you’re gay, then it’s totally cool to take a see at his pee pee.

Read previous Lehigh Valley Missed Connections.


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Horrible Easton Man Scalds 2-Year-Old Boy By Immersing Him in Hot Water

Keith Henry Firman

The sad fact is that people like this exist.

And they live near you and me. 

And while none of us are completely “innocent” in whatever definition of the word, some people are worse than others.

This man is one of the others.

Easton police say a 2-year-old boy suffered second- and third-degree burns after his mother’s boyfriend immersed the toddler’s body in hot liquid.

Authorities filed charges Tuesday in the incident, which dates back to Oct. 24, 2013, and arrested Keith Henry Firman, 24, of the 900 block of Ferry Street. The 24-year-old is in Northampton County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail.

irman told Easton police during a Nov. 1 interview that he placed the child in the shower for a short time after the toddler had soiled his diaper, according to court records. Firman said he heard the toddler screaming and immediately removed him from the shower and noticed burns to his skin, court papers say.

Police say Firman then changed his story to say he’d actually left the boy in the shower for about an hour before coming in to hear him “screaming like a banshee” from the hot water.

Court papers say the child was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township on Oct. 29 — days after he suffered the burns. Hospital staff said the little boy suffered severe burns to his genitals, rectum and posterior thighs, court records say.

Doctors said they didn’t believe Firman’s story because the 2-year-old did not have “splatter” burns associated with hot water from a shower, authorities say. Medical staff said the injuries were more consistent with someone having immersed the child in a hot liquid. SOURCE: The Express-Times

What causes you to immerse a child in scalding hot water other than you simply being a colossal waste of human life?

There are mistakes you can make that you can recover from. This is not one of them.

Hope you’re happy with leaving this child with burns for the rest of his life. It’s a shame you even get to enjoy anything during the rest of yours.

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Enterovirus Confirmed in Bethlehem, WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ebola’s in Texas but we’ve got the next best thing: Enterovirus!

It’s not quite as deadly as Ebola, of course, but hey why would that stop us from freaking out over it? 

You’re obviously going to catch it. It’s right down the street.

And, the parents of the kid who has it probably don’t care about the general well-being of the community at large.

That kid is probably off biting the necks of other kids and infecting them!*

A student at St. Anne’s elementary school in Bethlehem has the enterovirus D68, the bug that has hospitalized hundreds of children across the country and has been identified in the deaths of four people.

The local case was confirmed as enterovirus this week, said Matt Kerr, spokesman for the Diocese of Allentown. The student is under a doctor’s care and is not hospitalized, Kerr said Wednesday.

School administration sent a note to parents this week, alerting them to the confirmed case and advising them to keep an eye on their children. It said the school staff is following recommendations developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

"Teachers have been instructed to disinfect student desks throughout the day," the alert said. "Cleaning priority has been given by our custodial staff for all surfaces touched by students."SOURCE: The Morning Call


Disinfecting the desks? How about BURNING THEM? BURN THE SCHOOL!!!

This is how a zombie apocalypse happens, btw. Instead of burning all the desks and such, we just “clean” them because burning all the desks is seen as a pretty drastic measure.

Suuuuuuuure. Tell me that then a bunch of Enterovirus zombie children are clawing at my door on Halloween asking not for candy, BUT FOR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!*

*(I clearly have no idea what Enterovirus is.)


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Lehigh University Has Had a Flag at Every ESPN College Gameday This Season

Did you notice that Lehigh University’s flag has flown in the background of each ESPN College Gameday on Saturday’s this year?

Sure, it may have been more fun if they were waving giant cut out faces of Asa Packer, but, what can you do?

In an effort to attract the broadcast to Rivalry 150 in New York City, Lehigh has committed to flying its flag at each College Gameday this season. With the help of committed Lehigh alumni, parents, and friends — like the amazing Washington State University team — the 18-foot brown and white flag has made an appearance at every broadcast so far during the 2014 season.SOURCE: Lehigh University

And Lafayette has had a flag.. um… well. Hey, so their alumni are a little bit more apathetic, what can you do?

I’m sure that they’ve gotten on WFMZ Channel 69 or something at some point this year.

Lehigh, however, decided to go BIIIIIG.

It’s a BIIIIIG feat considering College Gameday is in places all over the country throughout the year.

I challenge the next group to wave a Lafayette Sucks banner. C’mon. You get one shot at this, make it count.

*Oh and for the record, when another news outlet decides to write this same story, remember that this was posted on October 7, 2014. Thanks!

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Man Shows Everyone His Genitals Because… Cocaine?

Some people are all about flashing their goods.

I’m not sure what the appeal is, other than knowing that tons of people have seen your genitals or boobies.

But, hey, to each their own.

Bethlehem man twice pulled down his pants and flashed a crowd of people Monday evening in the 100 block of East Fourth Street, according to court records.

Walter E. Kotash, 46, of the 800 block of East Seventh Street, later admitted to police that he was under the influence of cocaine, authorities report. Police said they also believed he was intoxicated during the incident.

Court records say Kotash pulled his pants down twice for a crowd at 5:43 p.m., which included both adults and children, and exposed his genitals before fleeing. Police caught up with Kotash, court records say, and placed him under arrest. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Was there a crowd there for any sort of reason or did this guy’s continuing penis revelation create a crowd?

Because, I could see both happening. If there was a guy across the street pulling his penis out at 5:45 p.m., I’d probably stand there for a little bit trying to figure out what was going on taking pictures to put on Twitter.

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Allentown Lady Threatens State Rep, Leaves Number on Caller ID

Star 69 was a necessary component of any teenager’s life in the mid-90s. Sometimes people would call prank your house or they’d hang up. You’d have to *69 those jerks and let them know what’s up.

If you were really on top of your game, though, you’d implement the famous, but underutilized, Star 67, which BLOCKED your phone number from being Star 69ed or appearing on caller ID.

Mid Ninetiez, yo.

An Allentown woman’s identification was attached to the vulgar, threatening voicemails left last month for a state house representative, court records say.

Sharon Marie Manning, 47, left the messages for Pennsylvania State Rep. Mario Scavello on Sept. 18 in response to a political ad regarding his position on abortion, records say.

"If you ever try to legislate in this country, I’ll make sure your life is a living f——— hell," records quote the message as saying

A Scavello staffer called police after listening to both messages, passing along the caller identification information that was attached. SOURCE: The Express-Times


Maybe she WANTED to get caught, though.

Maybe it’s all part of some master plan, like The Joker had in The Dark Knight. Maybe she’s KNEW that they’d trace the caller ID to her and she’d be arrested. But, she WANTED to be arrested so that she could begin he master criminal plan from the inside!

Or she’s just an idiot.

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