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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (SHE ❤s BOOBIES!)


Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile RescueComputer Troubleshooters, and welcoming Diamond Toyota and Underwired Vintage Boutique!

The 2014 Musikfest Photo Scavenger Hunt will be released in the next few days (hopefully this weekend.) There are well over $1,000 in prizes to be given away to people who are good at making small human pyramids, making snow angels, taking weird selfies, and more!

Until the time comes that we release it, however, let’s just look at some local weirdos…

Baseball Diamond - m4m - 27 (Columbia St)

To the man in a black shirt and blue sneakers who walked his dog today around Columbia St…you stopped and played fetch with your black and white dog in the baseball field where I was running. I had a great time watching the two of you playing :) maybe if you hit me up, we can both bring our dogs out for a play date!

You know you’ve read far too many Missed Connections when you get to the part about bringing their dogs and you expected it to end up sexual in nature…

"You are a party!" - m4w (Allentown)

So when we were hanging out at your workplace last week, I told you that “you are a party,” and you loved that. We talked about rock music, how we both love ‘Tool’. It was fun. We should hang out again. You seem really smart, so if you somehow see this, I’ll bet you can figure out who i am.

Remember when Tool was super cool because they were edgy and faceless? I mean, sure, they are still super cool, but not AS cool as they were in like 2001.

Brushed Sholders At Tacdo Bell - w4w - 59

we brushed sholders at taco bell. i thought u were cute. i guess im gay. i was the woman wearing a john cena shirt and purple pants. you prolly dint see any one wearing that out fit the at deigh lol. respond if possible !

Wait a minute, I’ve totally brushed shoulders with some men before… does this mean…..?

sheetz - w4w (schoenersville rd )

U were a cute blonde driving what I’m pretty sure was a.. jeep? ..liberty?
I was the redhead who parked next to you with the purple car.. I held the door for you and waited longer than I should have to do so because I wanted to get a good look at you. You were super cute. Your car had a I <3 boobies decal which I’m hoping means u like girls… 
There’s probably no chance you’ll ever see this but if somehow you do, please email me hopefully with a picture so I know it’s you!

You can be a girl and like boobs and not be a lesbian, right? Isn’t that so weird. I mean, you can’t really be a dude and like penises and not be gay. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just find it interesting.

Have a safe weekend and stay tuned for the scavenger hunt!

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IronPigs Game Rained Out, What Would John Moser Do?

The Morning Call’s “music” writer, John Moser, castigated the powers that be at Musikfest yesterday for not getting Sheryl Crow or Jason Derulo to take over the opening spot hole left by ZZ Top’s last minute cancellation.

He, of course, didn’t take the general concept of reality into consideration when coming up with these ideas, but, whatever, he is totally so smart.

But, now the IronPigs had a rained out game on Wednesday? John Moser wouldn’t stand for this, would he?

Tonight’s Lehigh Valley IronPigs game was suspended in the bottom of the fourth inning after heavy rain and lightning came over Coca-Cola Park in Allentown.

The game will resume at 6:05 p.m. Thursday and will be played out a full nine innings. Once that game is over, the teams will wait 30 minutes before playing a seven-inning game. Gates will still open at 5 p.m.SOURCE: The Express-Times

Thankfully, we’re able to see what John Moser would have done if he were in charge of the IronPigs!

Here it goes:

"Come on, IronPigs, cancelling a game due to rain is unacceptable. Seriously, I have been to see the Philadelphia Phillies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before (It is a city that is so much larger than Allentown) and, when I saw the Phillies play, guess what? They had SUNLIGHT THERE!

SUNLIGHT and no rain! Get your act, together, IronPigs. Any other team would have been able to immediately erect a dome over the stadium so that the game could continue.

It’s so embarrassing that this goes on in Lehigh Valley. One time, I saw the New York Yankees play on television. That’s the team with Derek Jeter on it. I saw them play and it was NIGHT TIME AND THEY HAD LIGHTS AT THE STADIUM.

WTF? IronPigs? You should have a dome with lights under it so that this game can be played. 

And, I should know. One time I met Rafael Pameiro in a men’s room.

What the IronPigs should do is just make every game free for the rest of the season and not pay any of their workers. I mean, that’s how the world works, right?”*

I don’t understand how this guy isn’t mayor of something.

*this is obviously fake, so, just in case you are slow, we put this disclaimer here.

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Bahama Mama’s Nightclub in Allentown Closes (WHERE WILL WE PARTY NOW?)

It’s hard to keep you nightclub open when 1. you don’t pay rent and 2. people die in the parking lot after you go there.

So, it may not come as a huge shock that Bahama Mama’s (which used to be known as Horizons until someone was shot and killed there and they changed the name) is closing because the owner apparently signed a lease where he’d pay $12K plus in MONTHLY rent.

An Allentown nightclub will be going out of business next month after the owner failed to pay multiple months of back rent payments.

Bahama Mama’s at 1221 Airport Road, formerly known as Club Horizon, will be closing its doors for good on Aug. 31.

(Anthony) DeLeon paid $12,500 in monthly rent payments, which he said is higher than the average fair market value of $2,800 to $3,500 for 5,000-square-foot businesses in the area.

"My goal was to own a nightclub, and I was more interested in getting to that point, and I signed a dumb lease that I shouldn’t have signed," he said. "I should have done my homework beforehand, but it was my first business."

Homework? I think figuring out this was a bad deal only required reading ability.

"When you’re the new nightclub, people tend to flock to you, so the first couple years we were able to make the payments," he said. "But once you’re not new anymore, you’re just a place, and the rent started catching up to us."

Well, sure. But people also tend to flock away when the clientele that you are attracting does, oh, I don’t know, stuff like this…

Teddy Bell was shot to death in the parking lot outside the club on April 15, 2012. Amos Muir admitted in court he shot him through Bell’s car window after mistaking him for someone he had quarreled with inside the club earlier. SOURCE: The Express-Times

"You mean to tell me that I could go to this club and someone could think that I was someone else and kill me in the parking lot? HEllllls yeah I wanna go, what’s the cover?"

Or, no.

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John Moser Proves How Easy it is to Run Musikfest (HE’S AN IDIOT)


We all know what assuming does, right? 

So, when ZZ Top canceled their show the other day, just days before they would have been the August 1 opening day act at Musikfest, everyone immediately became an expert at booking large shows.

I mean, how hard can it be to just get a band on stage and shit? Ugh. It’s so easy. It’s not like it requires tons of negotiating and contract signing and logistics that you just don’t really ever understand because you don’t have to.

So, when John Moser, the Morning Calls’ “music reporter” wrote this absolutely hilarious bullshit post, something had to be said. 

Let’s go over some good points here:

When we heard that 1970s and 1980s boogie rockers ZZ Top had canceled its opening night concert at  Musikfest, our thoughts went quickly to what ArtsQuest, the organization that runs the 10-day downtown Bethlehem festival, would do.

Have another headline act play a second show, as it did when Sheryl Crow canceled with even less time before her concert in 2001?

Find a quick replacement, as it did when Panic! at the Disco pulled out in 2009?

But the big surprise came when Musikfest quickly announced what it was doing: Nothing.

It will go without an opening night headliner for the first time in its 31 years, leaving dark a stage for which it’s paying thousands of dollars a day and which for ZZ Top would have drawn 6,000 people into the festival.

That just seems unacceptable.

Yeah, It’s unacceptable that ZZ Top’s bassist is having unexpected surgery. WHAT A DICK BAG. Musikfest, how did you not hire Kreskin to make sure you knew about this? This is unacceptable.

It’s now Musikfest’s fault for some reason.

And John Moser should know, he’s seen the Rolling Stones in concert. The fucking Rolling Stones. Do you even know who Mick Jagger is? John Moser once saw him through binoculars.

And we have a suggestion about what Musikfest should have done – and still could.

Musikfest has dealt with late headliner cancellations before: In 2001, Sheryl Crow pulled out of her sold-out show just two days before the festival started and five days before her show.

 In that case, Musikfest found the replacement in then-hot alternative rockers Fuel, who already were playing a sold-out headline date and added the second date that drew 5,000 people to the festival’s then 6,500-capacity RiverPlace main stage.

And that worked out well because Fuel was somewhat locally based at the time and were able to slide into that spot and take the extra money presumably because they didn’t have anywhere else to be that particular day. 

I have a suggestion for you, John Moser. Stop writing stuff. 

In 2009, Panic! at the Disco canceled its Musikfest show – also on opening night – on June 6 – 44 days before the show.

Musikfest took 11 days to find found a replacement in R&B group The Commodores. That was the same amount of time it had left before opening night this year – but the difference was that it would have left no time for ticket sales or promotion of the show.

This is where it becomes apparently how incomprehensibly mentally challenged Moser is. 

His argument is basically, “Well, you got The Commodores in 11 days last time, you should be able to find another band in 11 days this time because you did it last time.”

He doesn’t even stop to think about the circumstances that go through any sort of band booking, nor does he even start to think about how booking any sort of band works.

As evidenced by…

Sheryl Crow, who plays Musikfest Aug. 4 this year, is in the area but has an Aug. 1 show in Cleveland. Wouldn’t it have been great to have her return the favor after 13 years?

According to their websites, Jason Derulo (who plays Musikfest on Aug. 3), is free that night. So is All American Rejects, who play Aug. 2, and The Avett Brothers,  who play Aug. 7.

Just sayin’. SOURCE: The Morning Call

I’m sure that Sheryl Crow loses a ton of sleep every night worrying about that concert she cancelled. I actually heard it was one of the reasons she and Lance Armstrong broke up!

Maybe they don’t want to play another fucking show and rearrange their schedules (and everyone else’s involved with their respective tours).

Just sayin’.

The point is this. It’s so, so, so, so, SOOOOO easy to just say, “Well, get another act to play the Sands Stage.” or “Just put anyone up there, the tickets will sell. People love local music.”

Yeah, people love local music when it’s free to go to.Just because some local acts can get 6,000 people to pull up lawn chairs for a free concert certainly doesn’t mean they are going to pay $25+ to go see them at Sands Stage (oh, did you know that it costs money to put on a show, people need to get paid to work it.)

HOWEVER, if they are going to pull in any local act to fill the spot, then yes, Craig Thatcher is the guy to do it. So, hopefully that happens if they are looking to fill the spot.

The organizers of Musikfest spend THE ENTIRE YEAR booking these Sands Steel Stage acts. The fact that they have been able to scramble in the past to fill spots that have fallen through is a testament to their professionalism.

It’s super easy for John Moser, a guy who has been to some concerts in Philadelphia once in awhile, to automatically think he is some sort of band booking genius when, in fact, knows little to nothing about anything he writes about.

I’m disappointed you’ll be allowed at any Musikfest shows.

Why don’t you go write about the big concerts in Philadelphia? 

Oh, that’s right, because you’re a joke and all you do is shit on any type of entertainment that takes place in Lehigh Valley because you think you’re above it for some reason.

Above what? What you are is just upset that great music is coming to the area and no one really wants you to be a part of it.  Get over yourself.

In closing, The Musikfest Photo Scavenger Hunt will be out soon :P See you then.

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Emmaus Lady Chases Boyfriend with Frying Pan, Hilarity Ensues

The funny thing is that this story seems funny.

The thought of some ticked off woman chasing down her boyfriend with some cookware.

"Oh boy!" we say. "He must have really ticked her off!"

An Emmaus woman began chasing her boyfriend with a frying pan after punching and slapping him during a fight on Sunday, borough police said.

Police said a argument during dinner between Robin Cummings, of Dalton Street, and her boyfriend escalated to Cummings hitting the man and then chasing him with the cookware.SOURCE; The Express-Times

But if this was some dude chasing around his girlfriend with a wok, we’d be like, “Hang him from the rafters!”

Although, the thought of some guy chasing around his girlfriend with a wok is pretty funny.

Okay, so stop chasing around your significant others with cookware. It’s too hilarious to be taken seriously.

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Emmaus Geese Laugh at “Anti-Goose” Devices. Have “Duck Disco” Instead

I’m usually all about animals and animal rights and thinking that they don’t know better, etc. 

But, geese, geese are a different story. They are straight up MEAN. And, the poop a ton.

In fact, they are pooping so much in an Emmaus’ park that people won’t even go to the park anymore.

So, the borough decided to spend money on devices SPECIFICALLY designed to fuck with ducks.

(I know I know geese aren’t ducks, but it wouldn’t have rhymed.)

In June, the borough installed two “water units,” which it purchased for $748 from a Cincinnati, Ohio-based company called Away with Geese, in the latest attempt to end its long-unresolved problem with geese creating an unhealthy environment in the small park.

Away with Geese claimed the blinking lights, while harmless, would be so annoying to geese at night that they permanently would leave the pond “within just a few days.”

Alright, perfect! So, what happened? I bet all those stupid geese are gone, right?

“They swim right around them,” said borough manager Shane Pepe.

Added Shubzda: “It’s a disco.”

“These geese are so domesticated that they’re not afraid of anything,” he said, adding that includes cars on South 10th Street and even small explosions.

“We’ve shot some bang cannons at them, that didn’t work,” said Shubzda.

“Yeah, they swam maybe 10 feet,” said Pepe.

“And laughed at us,” added Shubzda. SOURCE:

You know how many areas the geese could go? They could go to any number of places where there aren’t any humans around. I mean, why would they want to be around people so muc….


You know who you are… good job. Now they are going to take over the town. Hope you’re proud of yourself. 

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Classy Lady Starts Fight in Nazareth Walmart

People love arguing. That’s one of the reasons why heaven is kind of a funny idea. People think that heaven would be all fun and great and peaceful all the time. 

No one wants that. Everyone would go insane.

People CRAVE arguments sometimes. People LOVE to just have a problem for no reason. It gives meaning to their otherwise pretty boring lives.

Police said Pamela Gilligan of Phillipsburg, N.J. accidentally bumped into another woman’s daughter with her keys and an argument ensued between the two women.

Police said the other woman turned to walk away when Gilligan punched her in the face. A physical struggle took place between the two before they were pulled apart, according to police.

Police said both women walked away with minor injuries, including cuts and bruises.

Police said Gilligan is being cited for summary harassment and disorderly conduct.SOURCE:

So, Pam here runs into some girl with her keys and that girl’s mom, while mad, walks away and then Pam here straight up punches her in the face?

I find it truly amazing that this happens if only because I try to put myself into the situation as if it was happening to me. 

What Would Lehigh Valley with Love Do?

Well, if I was Pam, I’d probably be like, “Holy crap, I’m sorry I hit your daughter with my gigantic keys. My bad.”

If I was the other lady I’d be like, “Why did you just punch me in the face? I’m going to punch you in the face now.”

Because, if you get punched in the face, you should punch someone back in the face.

Even Michelle Obama would punch that chick back in the face.

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Man Drives Snowmobile Down Main Street and Fires Gun at Wife (It’s JULY)


I’ve heard of Christmas in July, but this guy in Berks County has taken his love of winter sports way too far.

And he’s probably totally ruined his snowmobile. 

What a shame.

They said 43-year-old Randy Lee Heckman drove a snowmobile down Main Street, striking several parked vehicles.

For this incident, police said Heckman was issued traffic citations for hit-and-run to unattended property, driving without a license and trespass by motor vehicle.

A short time later, state police were called back to the area around 2:30 a.m. for a domestic dispute in which Heckman allegedly fired multiple rounds from a .357 revolver at this wife while she was driving away from the property in the 200 block of Forge Dam Road. SOURCE:

What are the odds that alcohol was involved in this little rampage? 

I mean, when you’re sober, the thought of driving a snowmobile down the middle of town and then going home to point a gun at your wife just isn’t that appealing.

When you’re drunk, however, driving around on winter machines is tons of fun, even in the middle of summer!

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WIN a Sands Prize Package Including George Lopez Tickets

Our winner is TOMMY JAMES! Congrats. Please email ASAP to claim your prize.


We’re getting geared up for the 2014 Musikfest Photo Scavenger Hunt and, to get everyone ready for some fun prizes, we’re going to give away a prize pack THIS WEEKEND (like now.)

Thanks to Sands Bethlehem, one lucky winner who comments on this post will receive:

2 George Lopez Tickets to the July 25th show at Sands Bethlehem Event Center, Row 6 seats 19-20 

1 Sands Bethlehem $50 Gift Card

1 St. James Gate Irish Pub and Carvery $50 Gift Certificate

Simply comment below with how you’d plan to spend that $50 Gift Card at Sands :P

We’ll pick a winner on Monday.

Get to it.

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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (DAT BAYOU & AMAZON)

Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend Insurance, Molly’s Irish Grille & Sports Pub, iMobile Rescue, Computer Troubleshooters, and welcoming Diamond Toyota and Underwired Vintage Boutique!

The Lehigh Valley with Love 2014 Musikfest Scavenger Hunt is going to be released soon and the prizes are bigger and better than ever.

Here is what we are giving away from the Sands alone: 2 Sands Bethlehem $50 Gift Cards, 3 Carnegie Deli $50 Gift Certificates, 2 St. James Gate Irish Pub and Carvery $50 Gift Certificates, 1 Emeril’s Chop House $100 Gift Certificate and 1 Emeril’s Italian Table $75 Gift Certificate.

And about 10 more prizes as well. So, get your cameras ready and check back here next week. This is going to be the best hunt ever!

Now, onto weird people you’ll probably end up photographing at Musikfest.

The Bayou - Friday - Laura J waitress - m4w (Dat Bayou)

So I just had to say you were the most stunning girl I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if you were flirting/interested tonight but you seemed like you were. I wish i would have asked you if you were single and for your #. I hope you see this or if anyone knows you, help me out haha

Hey, The Bayou is Lehigh Valley’s hottest spot right now, and I’m not even just saying bar or restaurant, it’z just the hottest place to be.

That being said, not totally surprised that the waitresses are nice to look at, but they are probably way too busy to take your number.

Amazon bathroom NOB Lunch Wednesday - m4m

You have caught me checking you out before. You usually wink at me. Today you stood at an angle so I would catch sight of your c%$&. I liked the view. We seem to hit the bathroom at the same time every day, You know who this is you check me out too. Hit me up on here or next week. I want to play with it, and it’s obvious you want me to.

And here I thought Amazon was only delivering packages to MY house.

Rim shot! I’ll be here all weekend.

Saw you in a bright yellow shirt at Wawa - w4m (Allentown )

Hi! Never did this before on here but you caught my eye. You were wearing a bright yellow shirt and olive green khaki pants. Maybe dickies. I had on a light purple tank top and jean skirt, red hair. We looked at each other a few times waiting for our food orders at Wawa on Lehigh St. I was gonna say hi but didn’t. Then we left at the same time. Think you may have been with a landscaping co. Or garbage co or maybe construction co

Also, hate to say this, but if you know it’s clearly not you, please don’t message me then send me pics hoping I’ll change my mind or not notice you’re not the guy. I know who I saw and will recognize him if he sees this! And please do not ask me anything perverse. Manners go a long way. I’m a lady not a pig. Thank you!

C’mon guys, this is obviously a lady. Only ladies go to anonymous websites to try and pick up the garbage man. Have some respect.

through the window - m4w - 28 (Lehigh Crossings)

I see you changing through your window, you leave open. You’re got a great body, and I hope you read this… I’d like to see more, if you’re interested.

We both live in the Lehigh Crossings town homes in Bethlehem. I’m in the same row as the leasing office, you’re across the field/hill behind it.

Let me know if you’d like to meet up.

Close your effin’ blinds, ladies.

Do you know how many serial killers live in town home complexes?

Like… Almost all of them. Stop flaunting yourself. They literally know where you live.

Read previous Lehigh Valley Missed Connections.


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Driver’s Side Wheels Falls Off SUV While on Route 33 (WHAT’S THE SCARIEST THING THAT’S HAPPENED TO YOU?)

As far as scary thing that can happen to you while you’re driving go, your front wheel FALLING OFF is probably in the top five.

It’s right after your brakes just deciding not to work. But, if that happens at least you can use the emergency brake. 

If your wheel falls off you… well… wtf?

A rear wheel falling off a 2001 Ford Explorer on Route 33 South caused a three-vehicle crossover accident Wednesday morning that injured four people inBethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, state police at Belfast report in a news release.

Thomas Bradley, 56, of Saylorsburg, which is in both Ross and Hamilton townships in Monroe County, was driving south about 9:10 at mile marker 2.8 when the driver’s side rear wheel came off, causing the SUV to drive through the center median and strike a 2001 Honda Prelude driven north by Miguel A. Hernandez, 21, of Slatington, police said.

The Ford spun counterclockwise and was struck on the driver’s side by a 2002 Dodge Ram driven by Lisa M. Farce, 34, of Easton, police said. SOURCE: The Express-Times

As far as the scariest thing that ever happened to me while driving, it had nothing to do with the actual driving.

I had two friends in the car and one of them flipped off a white pickup truck that was behind us as we exited the highway. The pickup truck saw this and then sped across the grass median to then park us in at the end of the exit.

The driver got out of the car and proceeded to try and kick the driver’s side window in until there were too many other cars around who could be witnesses. So, he sped off, blacked out license plate and all.

I probably peed my pants as much as the guy who doesn’t have a wheel.

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Teen Bumps into Dude at Party, Dude Shoots Teen Because of “Disrespect”

Do you ever notice how the people who say they hate drama ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) have the most drama around them?

And people who constantly complain about being disrespected or making sure you don’t disrespect them, are the least deserving of any respect?

Don’t disrespect you? You have five kids and live in a two room apartment, you’re already disrespecting yourself and everyone around you. 

An Allentown teen was shot in the leg by an alleged gang member after accidentally bumping into him at a party last month, according to court records.

Anthony C. Holmes, 22, of Allentown, allegedly confronted the teen at a June 14 party in the 1000 block of West Allen Street, asking him “what’s poppin,” according to court records. The teen responded nothing, but Holmes lifted his shirt and pulled a handgun, according to court records.SOURCE: The Morning Call

What is this all about? 

If you’re going to go through life shooting people who bump into you, please never go to The Allentown Fair. 

As Chris Rock famously once said, “Young black men, if you go to a movie theater. And someone steps on your foot, let it slide.”

If you’re constantly looking for a fight, you’re going to get one. If you are constantly looking to confront people about disrespecting you, you’re going to get disrespected. If you keep talking about drama, it’s bound to find you.

And now you get to get disrespected in jail. 

Disrespected all. day. long.

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61 Cats Killed in Animal Hoarder’s Apartment Fire. SIXTY ONE!


I poke fun at “cat ladies” all the time. Sure, cats are great pets, but having one or two cats to have as pets is much different than having a billion of them as a way to fill some hole in your life.

At the end of the day, though, let’s be serious. Having 2-4 cats or so isn’t totally strange. Some people just really like cats. And, while we can poke a bit of fun at it, that doesn’t make them weird or much different from someone who doesn’t like kitties.

Having 61 of them, however. That’s a problem. Especially if you’re not a cat zoo.

Fire broke out in the second-floor apartment of a historic North Whitehall Township building Tuesday afternoon, killing 61 cats and two dogs inside, officials said.

The pets were in the 4701 Route 309 apartment of the property manager, Allan Fedor, and his wife, Rayna Devore, according to North Whitehall fire Marshal Don Jacobs.

Jacobs said it was a shocking scene.

There was no evidence the pets were mistreated, he said, but “it was probably a pretty crowded place.”SOURCE: The Morning Call
It’s just not fair to the animals and, in fact, is worse than if this person didn’t try to “rescue” the cats in the first place.
Thankfully, there doesn’t look to be any serious human injuries or anything from the fire.
Goodbye kitties.
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Mom Tells Daughter to Punch Girl in Face Over Facebook Comments

I never really understood parents who say, “Don’t tell me how to parent my child!”

What if you’re doing it wrong? What if your way of parenting is screwing with the kid’s head? What if your parenting is setting the kid up for a long road of suckdom?

Then, you should be thankful people are calling you out. Just because you had a kid doesn’t automatically make you know what you should and shouldn’t do.

An Allentown mother is charged with making her daughter fight a middle school rival who she thought posted comments about her on Facebook, according to court records.

Dakkimah K. Beamon, 34, was charged Friday with two counts of harassment and one count each of corruption of minors and conspiracy. She was arraigned by District Judge Michael Pochron and released after posting $5,000 bail.

According to a criminal complaint:

Allentown police said the incident happened on April 14 at 10th and Washington streets. A girl told police she was walking home from Trexler Middle School when another girl accused her of posting comments about her on Facebook. She told the girl she had the wrong person.

Beamon pulled up in her car and approached the girls. Beamon asked her daughter who was commenting about her and she pointed her out.

Beamon told her daughter to hit the other girl, but her daughter did not respond. Beamon told her daughter a second time and her daughter punched the girl in the face. Beamon’s daughter punched the girl several more times and pulled her by the hair.

Another girl attempted to break up the fight, but Beamon stopped her. Beamon and her daughter eventually drove away. SOURCE:The Morning Call

Yeah, that’s a great way for your daughter to learn about how to deal with conflict. If you don’t like what someone said about you, just go punch them in the face.

That’s a great lesson that can be applied to multiple future facets of your life.

Mad at your husband? Punch him!

Mad at your kids? Punch them!

Mad at your probation office? Hit him in the face with your fist!

Yay! Problem solvers.

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Woman Pees in Cop Car and at Police Station

I can see mistakenly peeing yourself once. I mean, it happens. Everyone’s peed themselves at one point in their lives. 

But, whatever, you move on. You get over it. You chalk it up to a huge mistake. You stop drinking so much damn alcohol before you go to bed.

Seriously, if you’re continually wetting the bed when you drink it’s time to re-evaulate which you value more, your self-respect, or alcohol.

Gabriella Parra, 28, of Passaic, was allegedly intoxicated and refused to leave a Trans-Bridge bus Friday evening. When police responded to the Center Street commuter lot, Parra was yelling and cursing at passengers and an officer had to escort her from the bus, according to a news release.

She smelled of alcohol and admitted she was under the influence of drugs but refused to give the officer her name, police said.

Parra was arrested and while en route to the station, she urinated in the back of the patrol car, police said. At the station, police were able to identify her and found she had two warrants for her arrest out of Clifton, New Jersey.

"When she was unable to post the $2,500 bail, Ms. Parra was transported to the Hunterdon County Jail, but not before she urinated on the floor of police headquarters," police said in a news release. SOURCE: The Express-Times

It’s funny how the cops didn’t necessarily NEED to put that last bit in the press release, but, they did. 

And, wouldn’t you want to stick it to someone who peed on your floor? It’s not like she cleaned it up. Someone had to deal with that.

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