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Former Parkland Student Who Allegedly Killed Four in Florida Sold Their Dogs on Craigslist


I’m not going to get into the whole backstory on here, but, a former Parkland student probably killed four people in Florida, took the time to sell their dogs on Craigslist afterwards.

After allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend, her parents and her new boyfriend in Florida, Adam Matos, a former Parkland High School student, sold the family’s dogs to unsuspecting buyers, according to a Pasco County sheriff’s office report.

Matos, 28, formerly of North Whitehall Township, placed several Craigslist ads to get rid of items from the home in Hudson, Fla., selling six dogs for $50 each between Aug. 29 and Aug. 31, police said. Police said the family breeds dogs and previously lived on and operated a dog kennel on Hidden Hill Farm in the 6500 block of Central Road in Heidelberg Township.

File this under incredibly creeptastic.

I’m not sure why it is morbidly interesting that someone from here killed a bunch of people in Florida, that people like to read about stuff like that.

>People enjoy reading about how people who lived in an area near where they have lived did awful stuff. It’s fascinating.

Hey, you never know, maybe this will be featured on the Best of Craigslist this Thursday, right? Much better than free firewood listing. 

Brought to you by the Best Of Craigslist on Thursday at 8 p.m. at SteelStacks!!


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Panera Bread Employee Pulls Awful, Awful Prank

Some pranks are totally funny.

Putting shaving cream in your friend’s hand and tickling his nose as he sleeps = funny.

Short-sheeting someone = funny.

Turning someone’s windshield wipers and radio on full blast while their car is off so that when they turn it on they get scared = really funny.

Calling your co-worker and pretending someone has a gun at your head = yeahhhhhh not really funny.

Police said they received a 911 call from Stacy Adams, who said (Michelle) Ritter had sent her a text message saying there was a man with a gun holding up a cashier in the store.

Several police agencies responded to the call, but there was no one with a gun.

Police said Adams and Ritter work together at the store. Adams told police she received a text message from Ritter, who said she was “being held up at gunpoint by a man with a gun,” court records state.

Ritter told police she sent the message to Adams “as a prank,” police said. SOURCE: The Morning Call

You got Punk’d Stacy!

But, um, yeah. Not sure how it escalated to this level. I wonder if they were in some sort of prank war and this was the biggest one yet? 

You know how it is, you start off by loosening the tops of the salt shakers, then you graduate to tying shoelaces together and all of a sudden you’re faking robberies!

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Man Drunkenly Impersonates Police Officer

How far do you need to go to impersonate a police officer? 

Do you need to get a fake badge and a police uniform?

Or, do you just need to tell someone that you’re a cop and not be a cop?

I guess it doesn’t take too much, especially if you can do it drunk.

A Northampton County judge sentenced a Wind Gap man to more than a month in prison this morning for drunkenly impersonating and assaulting a police officer.

Northampton County Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden sentenced Michael Schedin to 40 days to six months in Northampton County Prison for simple assault and impersonating a public servant. She ordered the 27-year-old to pay a $450 fine and serve 20 hours of community serve.

Police say Schedin approached a Wind Gap man in the first block of North Broadway at 11:32 p.m. May 13 and challenged him to a bare-knuckle fight. The resident declined, and Schedin asked him about drug activity in the area, police said. Schedin told the suspicious resident he was a Plainfield Township police officer. 

Melissa Knittle went up to the responding officer and said Schedin, her boyfriend, had offered to fight the resident, but she could not find him, according to court documents. Police located a drunken Schedin about an hour later walking toward borough hall, police said. They let him into the building, arrested him and released him at his East Center Street apartment about 1 a.m. May 14, police said. SOURCE: The Express-Times

…and then cops came back to his house where he fought them a little bit.

Impersonating a police office while drunk has to be pretty tough. I can barely impersonate a functioning adult when drunk, so, going that far means this guy has some skillllllz.

Or not, I mean, because of that whole getting arrested thing.

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Drunk Lady Breaks Into Homes Looking For Teen (SPECULATION TIME!)

I love the stories where you don’t know all the information. Knowing all the information is no fun because then you can’t speculate and everyone loves to speculate because it makes them feel as though they are really smart.

So, let’s go through this one and see if we can completely and totally speculate what happened here without knowing any information.

Macungie woman drunkenly went into two borough homes before pulling a teen out of the second house and fighting police who responded, police said.

Traci Wimmer, 46, on the afternoon of Sept. 2 first went into a home on East Main Street, borough police said. After being confronted by the homeowner, who did not know Wimmer, Wimmer left and went to a second house on North Walnut Street, police said.

Ok, this seems pretty easy so far, the lady was so drunk that she got the wrong house. Which, is pretty drunk. However, we’re assuming she KNEW which house she wanted to get the teen from. 

Maybe she didn’t know the right address and was just a LITTLE drunk, which resulted in her getting the house wrong in the first place. That’s kind of acceptable. 

In college, I would walk into the wrong dorm literally eight times a week.

Wimmer went inside, pulled a 14-year-old girl from the house and was on the back porch, police said. The girl called her father, who flagged down officers, police said. The 14-year-old girl was not hurt, police said.

Okay, so we’re gonna probably assume that the 14-year-old is this lady’s daughter because why else would you go chasing after a 14-year-old girl?

I mean, unless maybe this girl broke this drunk lady’s windshield or something? Maybe that’s what happened? 

When police got to the second home, they arrested Wimmer, who fought with officers and had to be physically restrained to be taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township for treatment, police said. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Hmmm, she probably fought with officers because she was just trying to get back at that 14-year-old who broke her windshield and thought that the cops were the girl’s middle school friends. 

Stranger things have happened.

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Is Vegan Treats NOT Vegan? Read These Emails and Decide For Yourself!


We’ve posted before about how we don’t love Vegan Treats getting in the business of other businesses in the Lehigh Valley area. However, something has come to light that may just tear the whole Vegan Treats facade down.

They aren’t vegan.

Quick backstory before the pictures: A person went into Vegan Treats and noticed a few things out of line, especially the fact that they were using something that contained shellac, which is, SUPER not vegan. 

Vegan Treats has since went to their Facebook page to post that they did not know that they were using something with shellac. However, the emails may tell a different story. 

You tell us…. What do you think?









Okay then. Read all that? Ugh, so, here is where all the hyperbole is going to come in and blah blah blah.

Here is Vegan Treats’ response AFTER these emails were posted on the Internet:



FOR THE RECORD, this was bought to my attention by someone who is pretty much a militant vegan. We don’t hang out much on Friday nights.

That being said, you can see why this may be kind of a big deal. If you say you are vegan and people are coming in and notice that you’re not using vegan products and then you kind of allude in an email that you know you’re not but then you say in your public profile that you were duped by the distributor…. well…

If you’re a Vegan Treats’ homer, you’re going to support them. And, that’s fine. However, this is like my favorite steak house telling me the steak they sold me last week (and I ate) was made of soy. I’d be not happy.

To each their own and, well, if you’re going to uphold the whole vegan flag…. shame on you. 

Shame on you.

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Best Part Time Job Ever? PEEPS Mascot/Handler and Retail Associate

Have you noticed that Lehigh Valley has a bunch of mascots?

Ferrous and Fefe from the IronPigs; MeLVin from Lehigh Valley Phantoms; Tip the Crayon from Crayola; MooDonna from the Allentown Fair; a bunch of really crappy college mascots including the drunk mule from Muhlenberg; and, probably my favorite, the Peep from Just Born!

Well, do you want to be the Peep? Because you can totally apply to be the Peep.

Requirements: We are seeking motivated and engaged RETAIL SALES ASSOCIATES interested in being the iconic PEEPS® Mascot. The mascot will perform at marketing and community events. While not being the mascot, this role will have the ability to exceed customer expectations as an in store SALES ASSOCIATE. SOURCE: Just Born
Check out the full ad on their site. 
Um….if I was 18-25 and liked working in retail or wanted to start somewhere to move up the ladder, I would apply for this 15 times under different names.
Because, that’s how you get jobs, people. Seriously. Gotta go for the gusto. People hire people who don’t suck and don’t bring their parents on job interviews and know how to answer a telephone in an office setting. Seriously, can you answer a phone in an office setting? This is the most important skill that everyone born in 1995-on doesn’t quite grasp.
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Lehigh Valley Missed Connections of the Week (TASTY THURSDAYS!)

Your Missed Connections of the Week brought to you by Townsend InsuranceMolly’s Irish Grille & Sports PubiMobile RescueRun Lehigh ValleyDiamond Toyota, and the Community Services for Children 5K.

So, there’s a ManDudeBro show tonight at SteelStacks in Bethlehem and if you are like, “Meh, I don’t want to go, I’m just going to get something from Redbox,” then I want you to think about how much better your life could be if you actually got outside and did something.

And this isn’t even DOING something. You sit there and these guys make you laugh by making up stuff. Dude, Seriously. Get a life.

BE SURE TO RSVP to Kickball Fest so we can get an accurate headcount. It’s free. It’s on Oct. 18. Be there.

Now, onto some people who should maybe get a date and go to a ManDudeBro show.

I’m girl in laundry place in Coplay - w4m - 29 (Coplay)

Saw you cute guy. I was with my guy friend. If you like to meet just for talk flirt tell me what I was wearing that day of Sunday

I hope you were wearing a dictionary because you type like a fourth grader. How is this attractive? Listen, lady, if you’re 29-years-old, a woman, and single, there is a reason for that. You may want to start with your ability to string sentences together.

Tracy - m4w (LV)


There are some days when we pass in the hall that I just want to say….

Let’s bail early and take a secret half day or so
Grab a bite at a remote place
Head back to your place
Listen to your music
Drink some wine
Bake something in your kitchen
Flirt and laugh.. alot!
Lick the batter off your fingers
Give you the best long, sensual massage you have ever had
Hit teasing peaks beyond what we already thought possible
Taste your strawberry lips again
Kissing down your beautiful scar
To the sweet pasture of my heaven and hell
Till we ride the wave in and out of each other all afternoon
For a glimpse of living no tomorrow
And knowing each other at our core for but a short time
Is Everything for that moment
A short lifetime in one day
Before blasting back into the reality of life
With no judgement
To our respectful lives and memories only we share
And pass in the hall with a much different smile and hello than today

Timing is everything

Want the Cliff Notes version? “Let’s do sex.”

Elizabeth C Olive Garden - m4w (Easton/hellertown)

Hi I am looking for you we went out a few times. I think you have a boyfriend. You have a son was married also. I really have been think about those times a beer muscles. I really want to try again. We can be friends only. If that’s what you want if you want more I am open to that as well. If you are with someone will you please message me anyways so we can catch up. 

No guy ever just wants “to be friends.” If you fall for this crap… you’re not even falling for it. You know exactly what is up. No guy EVER just wants to be friends. There is not ONE TIME ever that some guy was like, “Hmmm, I’m just going to go out with my platonic girl friend instead of a girl who may let me see her boobs.”

NEVER happened. Ever. I mean, unless they are gay, but that whole scenario still applies with switch roles. Just sayin’.

tasty thrusdays - w4w - 26 (Pottsville )

OK First off, let’s me say this No men, No Bbw, No threesomes, No crossed dressers, No fakes, No Stud/butch sorry I have my preference. IM 135lbs, 5’5, curvy ebony queen, I want someone I can play with on this tasty thrusdays. I can host I’m 420 friendly, I drink occasionally, I love to enjoy time with my friend, IM basically looking for a bestie whom later on down the line, becomes more who knows we only live once. Now No picture and description ..NO reply. PUT YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT BOX WITH MINES WHICH IS (7) +() LIKE THIS IN SUBJECT LINE SO I KNOW YOUR SERIOUS, AGE DOESN’T MATTER BUT PLEASE BE LEGAL, ….NOW LETS CHAT, YOUR PICTURE AND DESCRIPTION GET MY PICTURE AND NUMBER SO WE CAN AND VOICE VERIFICATION…. SO LETS SEE WHAT TIME YOU BRINGING THE PARTY TI MY HOUSE CHOW….

I hope this one is fake because if this person is sitting at their computer and typing this out, looking it over and going, “Yep, that best represents what I want in life,” then I’m kinda close to giving up.

Oh, I have a NSFW Missed Connection just for you entitled “we met in the woods" Enjoy.

See you at ManDudeBro and have a safe weekend.

Read previous Lehigh Valley Missed Connections.

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Cross-Country Runners Smacked By Car (LOOK BOTH WAYS)

Whenever I’m riding my mountain bike anywhere in Lehigh Valley, I hate anyone driving a car and don’t understand why they can’t share the road!

Whenever I’m driving my car in Lehigh Valley and there is a bicyclist who isn’t moving over I hate him or her and don’t understand why they just don’t get the hell over.

Such is life.

But, when you’re running on the road, you are always the low man on the totem pole because cars are bigger than you.

Two East Hills Middle School cross country team members ran in front of a car on Wednesday afternoon and likely caused the accident that sent them to the hospital, Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, police said today.

Ivan Burgos, 57, of the 1100 block of East Third Street in Bethlehem, was driving at or below the speed limit and told police he expected the young people to stop before they stepped into the path of his car, police Sgt. Daryl LaPointe said.

A third runner was hurt when he was struck by one of the runners after they were hit by the car, LaPointe said.

There will likely be no charges filed against Burgos, and LaPointe said the children are probably too young to face any traffic offenses.

The investigation remains open because police have yet to talk to the two students who were hit by the car while on a practice run, LaPointe said, adding he wasn’t certain of their conditions. The two runners were taken to an area hospital. SOURCE: The Express-Times

I doubt these runners were doing anything more egregious than just not paying attention. But, still, pay attention you dummies!

This kind of goes back to the whole “I know you don’t have to legally wear a motorcycle helmet when riding in Pennsylvania but why don’t you anyway” argument. 

Sure, drivers should be aware of everything that’s going on around them, but if you’re just going to expect them to stop for you, you’re gonna have a bad time.

If you’re riding a unicycle, however, the road’s yours.

Oh, and final note, if you ever yell, “Run, Forrest, Run!” when you see a runner on the side of the road, you’re a special kind of sad.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Illegal Gambling Machines Found in Mike’s Kids Doggie Shop in Hellertown (WHICH IS REALLY THE BEST LEHIGH VALLEY HOT DOG?)


Lehigh Valley has some solid hot dog shops. However, for my money, Potts’ in Bethlehem is the big winner. I’m not even sure entirely why, but, I think it has to do with the fact that they were the first Lehigh Valley hot dogs I tried. 

Well, that and the fact that their cheese seems to be tastier than any other.

I mean, that’s what it comes down to in the end, right? I think people just like whatever hot dog place they tried first or lived closest to. I doubt many people go around trying all the different hot dogs and then going, “Wow, and here I thought Yocco’s was the best ALL THESE YEARS, but this is obviously the best hot dog.”

Police seized several illegal video gambling devices at Mike’s Kids Doggie Shop in Hellertown and charged Michael J. Campanella and Janice A. Campanella with a misdemeanor violation.

The shop is located at 501 Main St. in the Northampton County borough.

At 10:30 a.m. Aug. 26, Hellertown police and members of the Pennsylvania compliance and gambling enforcement unit served a search warrant on the shop, where the devices were seized.SOURCE:

Whatever. What’s wrong with a little bit of gambling with your foot long?

Since the hot dog debate is never going to ever be resolved, we should focus on the fact that Lehigh Valley needs a store that sells only grilled cheese. 

Or one of those hipstery cereal only diners.

Or a bar that only sells PBR and trucker hats. 

What am I thinking, trucker hats are so 2011.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Motorcyclist Wrecks, Nurses and Cops Passing By Help Him Out, He Gets Arrested

Have you ever almost been hit by an ambulance? No? Well, if you have, someone around you is abound to say something like “Well, that’d be the BEST vehicle that could hit you!!!”

Everyone laughs.

Police and nurses who happened to be near a motorcycle crash in mid-August stopped to render aid to the rider until medics arrived, according to Lower Saucon Township police.

Isaac Reyes, 27, of the 1400 block of East Eighth Street in Bethlehem, was riding a Yamaha motorcycle at 10:20 a.m. Aug. 14 on Route 378 North in the township, police say. Reyes struck the rear of a vehicle that was making a left turn and crashed between Edward and Walter streets, police say.

Officers and two nurses driving by stopped, authorities say, and provided first aid to Reyes. Police say Reyes was not wearing a helmet. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Turns out the guy was speeding earlier through a construction zone and was cited for careless driving after the cops helped him out.

I’m not sure why some people get on a motorcycle and think they are somehow invulnerable. It should be the exact opposite. If you wreck, you’re lucky to get up at all, let alone be lucky enough to have some nice nurses stop by and help you out.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Man Fakes Harassment, Pepper Sprays Self, All to Get Fiancee’s Attention


Girls love flowers. Send them flowers. It’s so ridiculous.

Why do they love flowers? Probably because flowers cost 1000% more than they should; their friends or coworkers all get to see the flowers and the girl who gets them gets to gloat; they smell okay; they look good on a table; and probably some other things I’m missing.

The point here is, if you want to impress a girl, simply get her flowers. No girl has ever not liked flowers. I mean, unless they were dead flowers or something, but who would do that? Sicko.

Tyler Davenport said he wanted Falls police to take his harassment complaints seriously.

So he made false reports that someone flattened the tires on his fiance’s car and attacked him in his home, police allege.

Those made-up stories resulted in real-life criminal charges for Davenport, 21, of Falls, including reckless endangerment, false reports and criminal mischief for separate incidents in May and July, police said.

Falls police were then called to Davenport’s Nicklehill Lane home on July 12 when he reported a “stalker” brandishing a firearm had entered the home and punched him in the face, court documents said. He also said he got pepper spray in his eyes while he was using it to fend off the intruder, documents said.

Six police officers responded to the call. When they entered the home, they found the living room furniture thrown around the room and the presence of pepper spray in the air, the affidavit said.

Davenport added that he and his fiancé are no longer speaking to each other and he made up the “stalker” attack hoping to get his fiance’s attention, police said. SOURCE: Bucks County Courier Times

Wait, so the woman here realized that this guy was obviously pretty crazy and decided to exit the relationship before they got married because he probably wasn’t going to suddenly just change overnight?

Does she have Ray Rice’s wife’s phone number because I’m pretty sure that lady needs some pointers. Sicko.

Also, it should be noted that the paper did go with the “fiance” spelling.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Woman Drinking Pickle Juice and Vodka Bites Friend (PICKLEBACK SHOTS RULE)

Pickleback Shots are a touch of redneck with a bit of clas…. yeah, wait, no. I’m not even going to try this.

There is no class when it comes to Pickleback Shots. It’s Jameson with a pickle juice chaser. It’s a shot that you basically order just to say that you did it.

It’s a shot that, if done by yourself, instantly results in depression as you search your soul for what went so badly in the last five hours that led you to said Pickleback Shot.

But, they are pretty good.

The vodka kind? I’m not quite sold on that though. Now, we’re getting a bit toooooo low rent.

A woman who was drinking pickle juice and vodka allegedly bit her girlfriend during an argument at the girlfriend’s home in Smithfield Township.

Carmen Y. Moreno, 32, of Linden, New Jersey, allegedly shoved and grabbed the victim before ultimately biting her in an attempt to get the keys to her vehicle.

The incident occurred around 9:45 p.m. on Aug. 23. Police said Moreno had been drinking vodka and pickle juice at the girlfriend’s home on River Road.

The victim told police that Moreno wanted to drive her vehicle, and she took her keys away from her. An argument began, which led to the physical attack. SOURCE: The Pocono Record

What type of person enjoys drinking shots of Jameson and following them with pickle juice, yet cringes at the thought of drinking pickle juice mixed with vodka?

Oh, that person is me.

Now I want to try this pickle juice vodka thing. It apparently results in favorable mental results.

Also, the Poconos are weird. Do they even still have towns up there?

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Lehigh Valley Jesus Cross Guy Illegally Records Court Proceedings


Ah, Lehigh Valley Cross-Carrying Jesus Guy. You’ve all seen him somewhere throughout the area and have probably taken a photo of him with your phone and then posted it on Facebook.

So, no matter what we can say about him, at least he’s good at getting the fact that he exists across. 

A cross. Haha.

Anyway, the guy is stridently religious to the point where it’s probably some sort of mental issue. I’m not saying he’s crazy, but, then again I believe anyone who is beyond reasonably religious is crazy, so.

If you want to get mad at me and tell me that he’s allowed to believe whatever he wants to believe, then, go ahead. But, also remember that I’m allowed to believe whatever I want to believe. 

And I believe he’s few disciples short of a last supper.

He’s always seemed relatively harmless with my only problem with him being that he has a wheel on his cross. That seems like a cop out.

But, now, it looks like there may be a few chinks in his Shroud of Turin.

The man who gained notoriety this summer for carrying a large white cross around the Lehigh Valley is facing a legal battle after allegedly recording a custody conference and posting it to his Facebook page.

Patrick Cline illegally used his cellphone to record the conference the morning of Sept. 2 on the second floor of the Lehigh County Courthouse in Allentown, prosecutors said, then posted the recordings on his Facebook page the same day.

The first recording, which lasts 6 minutes and 46 seconds, begins with Cline walking down a hallway and entering a room, where he says “Hello my wife.” A woman off camera says, “I’m not your wife,” and Cline responds, “That’s not what Jesus says,” before a man’s voice sternly says, “Don’t start that again.” The recording abruptly ends while Cline is talking.

"By the way I’m recording this whole session," Cline says at the end of the second recording.

"He’s going to post it on Facebook," the woman says off camera.

"Take his phone," the second man in the recordings orders.

Prosecutors said the hearing master ordered Cline to give cellphone to the deputy, but Cline refused and left the courthouse, prosecutors said. That same day, Cline posted the recording on his Facebook site.

The 40-year-old Cline said that later that day, plainclothes detectives stopped him at a parking lot at Eighth and Walnut streets in Allentown.

"They tried to manhandle me," Cline said.SOURCE: The Express-Times

You’re allowed to be the weird guy who carries a cross around town spreading your message until you start to affect other people in a negative way.

As of now, that “negative way” appears to be confined within his own “family” but, cmon, if you think that this guy is totally with it and 100% harmless, then you probably also let your toddlers play with matchbooks.

Hopefully everything works out in this situation and the kids aren’t terribly affected. However, I don’t think it is a huge stretch to think that this may be the first in a long line of oncoming trouble.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.


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Man Calls 911 For a Ride Because Alcohol (AND ALSO BECAUSE LEHIGH VALLEY TAXIS ARE SLOW)

There are certain instances where you’d want to call a cab in and around Lehigh Valley.

They include, but are not limited to

  1. Getting a ride home from the Lehigh Valley Airporter because you have no friends or your friends don’t like you that much.
  2. You are super drunk at the bar and need a ride home.
  3. You know that you’re going to get super drunk at the bar so you want to get a ride there.
  4. You don’t have a car.

The phone number for any local taxi is not 911.

Hackettstown man got the ride home he was looking for but it didn’t come without a cost.

Bruce Baker, 60, was intoxicated when he called 911 early this morning from an address in the 100 block of Main Street, town police said in a news release. Police responded to the call and discovered Baker had dialed the emergency number looking for a ride, according to the release. SOURCE: The Express-Times

Well, to be fair, he probably got home a lot quicker than if he had actually called a taxi. That includes the time being in processing and all that jazz.

Yeah, seriously, don’t call a Lehigh Valley taxi.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.

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Bank Teller Steals Directly From People’s Bank Accounts (SCREWED UP)


I’m not super big on the whole “privacy” thing. I mean, I don’t want companies to be looking at my accounts and such, but, whatever, advertise to me, show me things I might want. I don’t care.

The only thing that should be super duper sacred are bank accounts. That’s your money, yo! You really shouldn’t ever have to worry about whether or not someone at the bank where you bank is trying to make bank off your bank.

Fifty-seven year-old Cynthia Stocker of Easton has been charged with stealing from customers of Lafayette Ambassador Bank, where she was employed as a floating teller in Northampton County.

The first theft was discovered when a bank customer from Easton found multiple unauthorized withdrawals, totaling more than $13,000, had been made from her account over the course of several months.

That victim notified bank officials and the fraudulent activity was confirmed.

Police said a few months later, a second bank customer from Tatamy discovered more than $4,100 had been taken from her account. SOURCE:

More than $13,000?!?!?!?!

If I saw one unauthorized withdrawal for $10 I’m freaking out. It’s amazing that this lady thought, “Oh, I’ll just take a few grand and no one will notice.” 

She probably targeted accounts that had a bunch of zeroes in them, which makes some sort of sense. But, keeping on keeping on is what did her in.

Now, I’m going to double check my account.

Brought to you by ManDudeBro this Friday at SteelStacks.

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